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Graduation Ball 2014 Priority Sign-up

Each year the Graduation Ball gives a great chance for all final year students to come together in celebration of their times at University. Here’s some details about it all that will help you learn more about it…

Going on till 4am – loads of acts across different genres – fun attractions and rides – one of the largest venues in Southampton

Photo: Here's the teaser we released last year for the 2013 #SUSUGradBall. We 'went bigger' last year so this year we're aiming to go '#SuperGinormous' this year!To find out what's happening before everyone else make sure you go to http://www.susu.org/whats-on-and-where/graduation-ball/2013/ and sign up! 2 days before it closes!https://blogs.unionsouthampton.org/blog/2013/03/07/graduation-ball-2013-teaser/We currently have a Graduation Ball committee, made up of 11 graduating students from all over the University who are helping to ensure that we get great drinks prices for the night, with themes and extras that make it truly special.

We also want to ensure that the night is a quality experience for each person, so ensure that the capacity for the night gives people space to actually enjoy the acts, however this means that there isn’t space for everyone. We’ve also frozen the price of the event at £49 for the third year in a row, rather than increasing it for inflation.

As this year’s cohort of graduating students is especially large, SUSU has introduced a priority sign up group. The group doesn’t cost anything to join and doesn’t mean that you have to buy a ticket, but gives you the chance first! All members of the group will also be the first to hear about our acts announcements, will be guaranteed this frozen ticket price of £49 and will hear about our drinks deals for the night before anyone else.

If you’d like to come along to your Graduation Ball – then signing up to the group just ensures you’re in the know and get to go.

Join the Group Here!

Cheers for reading – with big events like this there are always plenty of questions, so I’ll do my best to respond to them all in the comments below.

David Gilani – Union President

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  1. David
    Matt Havron
    29/01/2014 at 6:52 pm Permalink

    Can’t wait for this!

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