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Varsity 2014, the launch of Team Southampton

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So the time is nearly upon us. Our annual Varsity competition against Pompey is set to take place on Sunday 9th March, with over 25 different sports and 65 fixtures on the day this year promises to be huge. There will be different fixtures taking place at Wide Lane, Jubilee Swimming Pool, Jubilee Sports Hall, Old Sports Hall and the Activities Room. But the day will be about much more than just Varsity. It will also act as the launch of Team Southampton, which is the new banner which all of our competitive clubs will compete under. We will compete in unified team colours for the first time in recent history (Team Southampton will wear Burgundy, Navy and Gold).


It will be a day of firsts. As it will be the first time we will have a formalised set of rules. This year we have agreed on a Varsity Rulebook that outlines the process of running the Varsity Cup so that we avoid some of the issues that were encountered last year. For example, all sports that take place before Varsity Sunday will be included in a score before the day, once this score is agreed no retrospective action can be taken to include a score.


There will also be a series of articles, radio shows and a pre-varsity show which will re-cap what happened last year and look ahead to this years competition. For all information regarding Varsity, join the Team Southampton Varsity group below:



The list of teams that will be included in the event have been formally agreed at our last Varsity meeting. I am pleased to announce that the following teams will be involved:




Sport Fixture Points avilable
American Football Mens 1sts 4
Archery 5 Novices 4
4 Seniors 4
Athletics Mens 4
Ladies 4
Badminton Mens 1sts 4
Ladies 1sts 4
Mens 2nds 4
Softball 1sts 4
Basketball Mens 1sts 4
Ladies 1sts 4
Boat (Rowing) Senior Men 4
Senior Women 4
Novice Men 4
Novice Women 4
Cheerleading Performance only 0
Cricket Ladies 1st 4
Mens 1st 4
Mens 2nd 4
Mens 3rd 4
Dodgeball Mens 1st 4
Ladies 1st 4
Fencing Mens 1st 4
Ladies 1st 4
Football Ladies 1st 4
Mens 1st 4
Mens 2nd 4
Mens 3rd 4
Golf 1sts 4
Hockey Ladies 1st 4
Ladies 2nd 4
Mens 1st 4
Mens 2nd 4
Mens 3rd 4
Lacrosse Ladies 1st 4
Mens 1st 4
Mixed 1st 4
Netball 1sts 4
2nds 4
3rds 4
4ths 4
Riding A Team 4
Cycling (Road) Men 4
Ladies 4
Rugby Ladies 1st 4
Mens 1st 4
Mens 2nd 4
Mens 3rd 4
Sailing Highest in table at chosen fixture 4
Squash Mens 1st 4
Mens 2nd 4
Ladies 1st 4
Surf Mens 4
Ladies 4
Swimming A Team Mens 4
A Team Ladies 4
B Team Mens 4
B Team Ladies 4
Table Tennis Mens 1st 4
Mixed 4
Tchoukball 1st Team 4
Tennis Mens 1st 4
Ladies 1st 4
Trampoline Club 1st Team 4
Ultimate Frisbee Open 1st 4
Ladies 1st 4
Volleyball Mens 1st 4
Ladies 1st 4
Wakeboard 1st Team 4
Mountaineering TBC 4





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  1. evanwhyte
    Jill Spoaks
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    this looks great evan, can’t wait for the main event #playtowin #teamsoton #evanforpres #karatekidisthebestkid #evanlyissoheavenly #evanescence #themightofevanwhite #lusms

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  3. evanwhyte
    David Gilani
    04/02/2014 at 4:13 pm Permalink

    #spoakeydokey #Jillisbrill

  4. evanwhyte
    David MW
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  5. evanwhyte
    Simon Kemp
    01/03/2014 at 5:10 pm Permalink

    Why no Amateur Boxing in the programme?

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