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Want things to last?…… get sustainable!

Do you think you know what it means to live a sustainable lifestyle?

-If you answered yes, congratulations! We need you to spread the word!

-If you answered no, here’s it really means to be sustainable...

Acting in a way that allows you to meet your present needs, without compromising your future needs, or those of future generations?

Here are 3 examples of sustainable decisions you may make on a daily basis;

1. Economic– Deciding to spend money on a new top next week rather than something you want today.

2. Social– Deciding to shop in a store that treats its workers ethically.

3. Environmental – Deciding to remind your housemates to turn their lights off when they leave their room!

So, how can you make a change?

1. Enter this survey to be in with the chance of winning £50!…. here 

2. Volunteer in a sustainability project…

 sfsdDo you think ALL people should be treated equally and with respect? Think Businesses who harm the environment should be working to reduce their impact? Want to gaining professional experience in a business environment? BEES is an innovative project you have the chance to be involved in! You will be trained to audit businesses ethics and environmental practices, then you’ll help them to improve their practices using our toolkit of interventions! It is a fantastic self-development opportunity as you’ll be evaluating the skills you develop along the way! The BEES Launch Event is on the redbrick on Wednesday 5th February; you can find out more & sign up!

rytWaste Wars are looking for volunteers to help identify the different waste types generated throughout the University as part of the drive to maximise waste minimisation, re-use and recycling.  The audits have genuinely helped with waste management in the Uni over the last seven years! If you are kind enough to volunteer you will receive invaluable environmental work experience to help make your CV appear even more exciting.  The afternoon is also pretty good fun.  Just think, you could be as happy as these fine people below: 




3. Swap your way to free clothes….

thBring your unwanted clothes to the Cube on Thursday 20th March and leave with some clothes that are completely new (to you)!








4. Recycle your glass!






‘From early 2014 Southampton City Council will introduce the service to houses in phases. Most households will be provided with a grey plastic box for glass bottles and jars, which we intend to collect on the same day as your general recycling on a fortnightly basis. The boxes will be delivered before the start of the new collection service along with an information pack about how to use the service. This new service is funded by a 3 year government grant, however, if every household recycles an average of 5 glass bottles or 10 glass jars each week, income from glass sales will mean that the service can continue in the future.’

5. Download the council’s new recycling app

6. Enter the Bin it to Win it recycling rewards scheme which is offering Southampton residents the chance to win prizes every month as a reward for recycling correctly. Each reward is worth at least £30 and there are vouchers to spend at local shops, leisure centres and attractions or you can choose to donate your reward to a local charity.


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