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Coverage of Elections

Elections are one of the busiest and most exciting times in the calendar with so many exciting events and campaigns going on throughout February. Many of you will experience the elections, but won’t be able to catch everything that’s going on. Luckily, SUSUtv, Surge and the Wessex Scene are all going to be providing extensive coverage over the next couple of weeks so you don’t miss a thing! Here’s a snapshot of the key events coming up:

The Big Reveal (18th)

A chance to find out who all the candidates are for the very first time. From the evening of the 18th, the candidate lists will be announced, through print with the Wessex Scene and through an introductory video by SUSUtv. Surge will also be broadcasting a live show from 5pm, so be sure to tune in!

coverage1Debates (19th & 20th)

This will be your opportunity to listen to the Sabbatical candidates arguing and discussing their values, policies and ideas for the upcoming year. On Wednesday we have the debates for the VP Education, VP Democracy & Creative Industries, VP Engagement and VP Welfare all of which will last 40 minutes. On Thursday we have 40 minute debates for VP Student Communities and VP Sports Development, followed by an hour long debate for the Union President. These will all be streamed live by SUSUtv and Surge, with the Wessex Scene likely covering the debates with a live blog.

Elections Night Live (28th)

It’s the big one! The biggest SUSUtv show of the year returns as we announce all of the results live from 9pm on Friday in the Union. It’s set to be a fantastic event but if you can’t make it SUSUtv will be showing it live on 2 separate streams, while Surge will also be covering the results live as well as doing post-results analysis and Wessex Scene will also be covering the results through a live blog. If you want to have an idea of what the show is like, take a look at last year’s highlights.coverage2

Other Coverage

Throughout the week there’s going to be a range of other coverage from informal interviews with Surge to comment articles about the elections generally by the Wessex Scene. Do keep an eye out for this and don’t forget to use the #votesusu hashtag to get involved!

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