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Women and Power


As International Women’s Day soon approaches (Saturday 8th March) SUSU and the University are getting ready for a programme of events ranging from selling boob shaped cakes (Tuesday on redbrick if you fancy one) to debates around the barriers that face women from different backgrounds.

One Billion Rising

The big events for the week are on Thursday and Friday evening with a ‘Network of Networks’ and Femsoc hosting a debate in the bridge.

Friday brings together the Christian Union, Amnesty, Islamic Society and Fem Soc (among others) to have a discussion around what barriers currently face women and prevent them from having power, or being able to assert the power they do have. This is a chance for men and women to come together and discuss issues that affect everyone. We have a special offer ofree childcare for parents wishing to attend this event. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in taking this up. Thursday night is a ‘Network of Network’s in Garden Court, with refreshments and cabaret-style seating. Doors open 1630; speakers 1700-1900 (approx) with midway break, and music from JazzManix’ women’s section. This is a unique opportunity for members of our volunteer networks, senior management and the wider community to meet, mix, update and celebrate.  Find out more and book your place.

We as a Union have seen the necessity for work on issues around women and power after our elections where Laura Mason, a presidential candidate, felt compelled to write this article in the Wessex Scene after her experiences.

Sexual harassment is not about women, or men, or whatever gender people identify with but about respect and opening up discussions about the behaviour of our students.

After a successful celebration of One Billion Rising – an event that brought together members of the Union and University communities to Rise, Dance and Protest this week’s International Women’s Week celebrations look set to be unmissable.

fem soc

If you are interested in joining in the campaign to tackle sexual harassment join this Facebook group or come along to the bridge at 11.30 on Saturday 8th March to meet other like-minded people.

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2 Comments on "Women and Power"

  1. Claire Gilbert
    John Steves
    08/03/2014 at 1:37 pm Permalink

    This is all very well and good Claire, but there is also an international mens day on the 19th of November, why is this equally important event ignored year in year out by SUSU? Does it not fit your agenda Claire? Does VP engagement mean only 50% of SUSU members need to be engaged?

    A constructive response would be appreciated, and no I’m sorry “every day is mens day” doesn’t quite cut it for an explanation.

  2. Claire Gilbert
    Claire Gilbert
    08/03/2014 at 2:00 pm Permalink

    Hello John,

    I have never been asked to celebrate International Men’s Day if I am being honest.

    But for me, with 1 in 3 women victims of gendered violence in their lifetime, (Check out for more) only 15 of the top 200 influential people of the twentieth century (as decided by the Times Magazine) being women (see for a response) and men outnumbering women 4 to 1 in parliament (see for more) I see International Women’s Day as a necessary tool to improve the situation for 54% of our members.

    So I suppose my question to you is what sort of activities would you like to see run for men that don’t already exist? And what injustices would you like me to combat on your behalf?


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