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Nominate your lecturer for an Excellence in Teaching Award


etaWe’ve all had a bad lecturer,one of those ones who don’t much prepare and don’t seem to care. And rightly we chase them up, and work to improve their teaching, because you deserve world class teaching in your degree.

But there are lots of lecturers here who are bloody great. Lecturers like Simon Kemp who not only won an ETA last year but is also this year’s winner of the Times Higher Education (THE) Most Innovative Teacher of the Year award 2013. We shouldn’t just be having a go when lecturers don’t quite cut it, but elevating those lecturers who make it worth getting to your 9am on a Monday morning. Why? Well the more we show how many great lecturers we have, the more ability we have encourage the sharing of best practice at the University.

There are 5 categories:

  •   Outstanding Lecture
  •   Teaching & Learning Lifetime Achievement
  •   Innovative Teaching
  •   Best Feedback Provision
  •   Contribution to Academic Support

I’ll bet you know at least one lecturer who fits at least one of these categories.

So go on, get to www.susu.org/eta to nominate that lecturer, you only have until 5pm on the 24th! And come along to the award ceremony in the Cube at 5.30 on the 8th May. Last year, there were tears.

Go on, say thanks.


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