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A few weeks ago, we held the Creative Industries Careers Season – the first event of its kind dedicated to those of you wanting to explore a career in media, the arts, design or Performing Arts and the response was fantastic!

Over 200 of you engaged with the series of events that we ran over the two weeks, including a highly impressive turnout at our Publishing Panel, a fully subscribed Screenwriting Master Class, while over 70 people turned up to the separate Surge Awards with 18 highly-deserving winners.

The sessions were all run by various experts in the field and the season attracted senior members of the Nuffield Theatre, Turner Sims & John Hansard Gallery, editors and literature agents at national organisations, and alumni from our media departments now working in the industry. Hopefully we succeeded in our aims of providing an enjoyable and enlightening experience but also providing you with the skills to get jobs in the future. Who knows, you might be speaking at an event next year! Let us know how this year went here.

Tying in nicely with this has been work by ourselves and the University in developing a new Arts Strategy. Part of this has included developing a greater understanding with students to encourage more involvement in the arts. We’ve developed a survey which will really help develop more student-focused approaches. Please fill this and continue get involved in the highly exciting Creative Industries!


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