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It’s the final countdown….

As you all get prepared for exams, coursework, dissertations and project hand ins we still have just under 100 days left in office.

With nearly 1/3 of our time left as your full time Sabbatical Officers it is important you know what we want to achieve so you can hold us to account and ensure that we fulfilled all our promises when we were elected.

For those re runners in office next year these last 90 days are still crucial in finalising this years projects and getting ready for the 12 months ahead the other side of July 1st!

Below are the goals that sabbaticals want to achieve by June 30th. Have a read and see if you want to be involved!


Less than 100 days 4

Less than 100 days 3

Less than 100 days 2Less than 100 days 3


Please comment below with any thoughts and remember you can always come along to the AGM on May 1st to shape the future direction of SUSU!

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