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MAY-ke Your Voice Heard!

As we come towards the end of the academic year, there are loads of opportunities to review how the year has gone so far, celebrate the successes that you’ve all had, and for those of you still around next year, run and votes for those you want to lead the Union and beyond!

A lot of this will all be happening throughout May so here’s a rundown of a couple of the major events that are coming up:

AGM: Find out more here

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On Wednesday 14th May, SUSU will be holding its Annual General Meeting and Open Union Council. This is the most important meeting of the year and any student is free to submit an idea or policy which will be voted on by hundreds of other students!

If you have an issue you are passionate about anything at all to do with SUSU, then this is the place to make real change happen. Some of the polices discussed last year include ensuring the Activities Room is renovated, taking steps to improve equal gender representation and the building of a giant cat statue!

Even if you don’t want to support an individual policy, there are still other chances to discuss the finances of the Union and evaluate how money is being spent. It is one of the best ways to get a full picture of the way the Union works. If you can’t be there on the day, you can register for a proxy vote online as well, meaning you don’t have to attend but can be involved.

Summer Elections: Nominate now!

elections e

It’s our final set of elections for the academic year! There are a number of Student Leader and Union Councillor positions still available, and we’ll also be electing Academic Presidents who are the lead representatives for each academic unit, and are responsible for co-coordinating and supporting the Course Representatives in resolving issues. You can find the full list of positions here

Nominations are open NOW and close on May 7th. Voting is open on the 9th May and closes on the 15th.

This is a great way to put yourself forward, have your say and once again, influence areas that you are passionate about!

Local and European Elections: Register now!

On a different note, it isn’t just elections within SUSU that are happening this month; on May 22nd you will be asked to cast your vote in the City and European elections (as long as you are eligible to vote). Why should you care? What will actually change?


Well if you have been following the news you will have seen that whether we stay in the EU is up for debate more than it has been in previous years. Your vote may help influence whether we stay in or leave. Not sure who to vote for? Luckily Bite the Ballot, a party neutral organisation, have created a tool for you to find out!

If you want a chance to meet the candidates standing for election we are hosting a hustings on May 1st at 3pm in the Bridge where you will have a chance to ask the candidates questions! They will have the chance to speak for 5 minutes on party politics, and answer pre-submitted questions and questions from the floor. Turn up and find out who could be representing you! Don’t forget though: you need to be registered by May 6th!

PS: I make no apologies for the terrible pun.

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