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AGM Ideas – The Final Ranking

We had hundreds of you vote for over 30 ideas that were submitted by students to be considered for discussion at the AGM on Wednesday 14th May. It’s been great to see such a variety of topics brought forward and voted on by so many people.

Without further ado, here is the order of rankings. For those that are interested its calculated by net votes – the number of for votes minus the against votes.

1. Should SUSU stop charging for debit card use in its official outlets?
2. Should SUSU get a  kitten?
3. Should SUSU get new seats for the Cube?
4. Should SUSU overturn the rule that there must be an equal number of male to female Union Councillors?
5. Should SUSU ensure public transport is more affordable and more reliable?
6. Should a policy to be created around censorship within SUSU?
7. Should there be a ‘Bank of SUSU’ for student groups?

8. Should there be a focus on increasing storage space in SUSU?AGM Logo
9. Should SUSU rethink the EVAs?
10. Should SUSU ensure there are Sabbatical term limits?
11. Should there be improvements to the key system within SUSU?
12. Should the VP Student Communities spend a day a week at WSA?
13. Should SUSU change The AGM Date?
14. Should there be an opportunity to allow candidates for elections to be directly questioned on an individual basis?
15. Should SUSU limit re-runners?
16. Should bar takings contribute to income for club/society event costs?
17. Should SUSU stream & record Union Council?
18. Should SUSU have Paypoint on Campus?

19. Should SUSU conduct a review of food?
20. Should SUSU offer protection for students who want to hold officers to account?
21. Should SUSU Abolish Union Council?
22. Should SUSU reform recognition and affiliation of student groups?
23. Should all Sabbatical Officers be on Trustee Board?
24. Should SUSU support No More Page 3?

The following received more votes to not discuss than discuss:

25. Should SUSU buy a lion to keep Susu the Cat company?
26. Should SUSU shut down the Wessex Scene magazine?
27. Should SUSU promote greater diversity on Union Council?
28. Should SUSU ensure Surge at Glen?
29. Should SUSU promote swimming session for ladies?
30. Should SUSU ensure Better support for Modern Language students?

So what next?

Students that have submitted these ideas have now got a chance before the 7th to transform these ideas into a fully-fledged policy. If any other student wishes to submit a policy to the AGM then you are welcome to, but they will be heard after any positively ranked ideas.

Of course if you want to have your vote, you can attend in person on the 14th or register for a proxy vote if you can’t make the meeting!

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