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Summer Elections Results

Over the past few week we’ve been running our Summer Elections. This includes elections for Academic President and Union Council Chair, as well as by-elections for Union Councillor and Student Leader. Lots of you have been out campaigning and we recieved over 1,100 votes in total! Without further ado, here are the winners:

Chair of Council:

  • Ben Morton

Academic Presidents (left to right):

Aeronautics & Astronautics: Karolina Kacevaite
Archaeology: Fiona Vernon
Biological Sciences: Jack Stephenson
Chemistry: Iain Tinkler
Civil Engineering: William Hooper
Education: Charlotte Gauld
Electronics & Computer Science: Milosz Gaczkowski
English: Bronwyn Scotland
Environmental Science: Jerome Kreule
Geography: Tatiana Sieff
History: William Cable
ISVR: Daniel Wallace
Law: Alexander Hughes
Management: Andy Ngai
Mechanical Engineering: Matthew Holford
Midwifery: Jessica Smith
Modern Languages: Hannah Talbot
Nursing: Sara Cuccinello
Occupational Therapy: Lauren Phillips
Ocean and Earth Sciences: Ben MacDonald-Armitage
Philosophy: Edward Pearce
Physics and Astronomy: Imogen White
Physiotherapy: Felicity Turner
Psychology: Charles Cole
Ship Science: Jack Gradus
Social Sciences: Daniel Cernin

Student Leaders (left to right)

Humanities Officer: William Cable
Medicine Officer: Bobby Bullingham
NOC Officer: David Allwright [no picture]
Social and Human Sciences Officer: Rhys Thomas
Southampton General Hospital Officer: Leo McCormick Matthews
Student Enterprise Officer: Catherine Williams
The Edge Editor: Rebecca James
Winchester Officer: Kate Taylor

Union Councillor (left to right)

  • Indrajit Naskar
  • Rebecca Lake
  • Catriona Philip
  • Vansha Sethi

Thanks to everyone who ran in the elections and congratulations to the winners! If your Academic Unit isn’t referenced it means that nobody ran for that position. There will be by-elections for these positions in the new Academic year but if you’re interested, email democracy@susu.org

Note: There was one candidate who applied for the position of Natural and Environmental Sciences Faculty Officer, who is studying on an Environmental Sciences course. He mistakenly incorrectly identified his faculty, and is in fact a member of the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment. Therefore, his candidature has been declared invalid and the election voided (he was the only candidate for that position), and a by-election will be held at the start of the next academic year.
In the future, we aim to ensure that the elections system automatically identifies the faculty a student is studying in, and only allows them to apply for applicable positions. Further manual checks will also be made when nominations are received to ensure that students are nominating for applicable positions.

Full results are available here: Results

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