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Nominate a friend for the Grad Ball Awards

The SUSU Graduation Ball is fast approaching with the special night set for 9th June – and for the first time ever, we’re introducing the Grad Ball Awards!

With six categories, we want to be able to celebrate some of your best moments and memories from your time at Southampton. So nominate either yourself or a friend in any of the categories.

Nominate by clicking here! 

The nominations form will be open until Friday 23rd May at 12pm. After that we’ll upload some of the photos to be judged by students, whilst some of the stories will be judged by this year’s Graduation Ball Committee.

So get clicking and picking the best moments to share – the winners will be featured in our hall of fame at the Graduation Ball itself, and will be able to take home their very own Grad Ball ‘Oscar’.

Cheers for reading

David Gilani – Union President

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