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What’s been given out at the Innovations Fund?

Earlier this year, at the Trustee Board, SUSU put aside £25,000 to help fund exciting new projects / activities that could help benefit of our students. This blog goes through the four projects so far that we have funded.

A SUSUPA Dance Trophy Cabinet – £550

Sammi Gardiner the Performing Arts Dance Rep said: “SUSUPA Dance competition squads travel to many competitions each year. We have been very successful year after year and we have so many trophies that we don’t actually know what to do with them anymore. At the moment they are currently locked away in storage or at people’s homes which really isn’t showing off what SUSUPA Dance has achieved.”

For showing off the success of Southampton’s dancers – ACCEPTED!

Extension of safety bus hours 1am-7am – £1,881

VP Welfare, Beckie Thomas said: “In order to best support students in the build up to their summer exams, it is essential that we enable them to study in the library at any time, and in doing this, encourage students to make their way home safely during the night. Funding an extension of the safety bus for this 6 week period means we can be inclusive of all students, rather than expecting those who can afford to, to pay for a taxi, and those who can’t to put themselves in danger and walk home during the night.”

For ensuring that our students can get home safely all through the night – ACCEPTED!

 Expansion of this years Focus Sports – £2,000

VP Sports Development Evan Whyte said: “Focus Sports was expanded to 5 teams, up from 3, at the beginning of the year. We have seen great improvements in the performance of these groups: American Football have made the Play-Offs (something they didn’t do last year); Rowing have had their most successful BUCS season in the last two years; Basketball (Mens finshed 2nd and won the regional cup & Ladies finshed 1st in their league); Ladies Hockey finished the season 3 points of promotion and reached the final of the cup and the Mens Rugby team achieved their highest position in Div 1A whilst securing promotion in their lower teams… As seen by the results above, it has an impact in this short period of time.”

For helping support our student athletes to achieve – ACCEPTED!

 Enactus: Find Your Path – £10,000

Josh Hasdell, the new Enactus President said: “Find your path is a project which aims to use the positive power of business to elevate specific social pressures experienced by individuals in the Southampton society. It is a project run by students in Enactus Southampton. This year it aims to use Southampton students’ enthusiasm and expertise to create life changing social enterprise developments for disabled individuals, the older demographic, migrant and disadvantaged youths, vulnerable women and ex – military personal, in the shape of a community project.”

For making the world a better place through social enterprise – ACCEPTED!

 Thanks for reading, everyone – David Gilani – Union President

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