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SUSU to Run Intra-Mural Sports

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Well…one of the main reasons I ran for Vice-President Sports Development was because of my experience within the Intra-Mural (IM) sports programme.  During my first two years, as a captain of Connaught Halls, I was became increasingly annoyed, like many other students, with the way in which the leagues were run and how the governance of the programmes did not allow for as much student input as we would have liked.

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I think it is that, coupled with the increasing participation numbers, which has led to the increasingly prominent profile of IM sport at the University. It has become a large part of the VP’s role and a large topic of discussion in the last two Sabbatical elections.

So I am very pleased to announce that on top of creating the inaugural IM Committee and IM Officer (a new Student Leader), SUSU will also take control of the IM Programmes for 2014/2015. This means that there will be a staff member with the responsibility of overlooking and organizing Intra-Mural, giving the programme the support it needs.

We will also be making a 60% reduction in the entry price so that our Intra-Mural leagues are more accessible and so that we can drive participation across the sports. For example, the cost of entering a Football Team will drop from £137.50 to £55; Rugby from £187.50 to £75 and Netball from £87.50 to £35. Sport and Wellbeing membership will still be required.

I am very excited about the forthcoming year and think that giving students complete control of their own leagues will undoubtedly improve IM. The feedback and work of the IM Committee has been priceless and means that next year’s league structures will be tailored to the feedback we received from teams this year.  The sports included for next year are listed below:

Winter Leagues


Summer Tournaments
Rugby 7s
Mixed Netball


A particular thanks needs to go to Jamie Wilson for his work on this project and the Membership and Community Engagement Team.


Make sure you get involved in next year!



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