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Biggest Zone Budget Ever & Team Southampton Back in The Top 20 of BUCS!

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Part of the Team Southampton project was to improve the performance of our Sports Clubs.  This year we have expanded the support given to our most able teams by increasing the number of teams on the Focus Sports Programme – giving our teams the physical edge! We also wanted to ensure that we gave as much financial support to our teams as possible to enable them to invest into high level coaching and proper equipment. We are on budget to spend everything within the Sports Development Zone (compared with 30k underspends the last two years) which means that our clubs will have received a higher level of financial support than before


It appears that these measurers have had the desire effect too. Last year we slipped outside of the Top 20 sporting institutes for the first time (placed 23rd).  However, we will return to the top 20 once again, (when all points are added to the totals) and we will be in and around our highest points total of all time.


The form of our clubs, as shown by this year’s trouncing of Pompey, has been incredible. We have had a number of competition wins, not just in BUCS, across a range of sports. With continued investment into the sporting experience, I see no reason why we can’t increase the number of active students and the number of able sportspeople that represent Team Southampton  – which will push us towards the top 15 of BUCS.

hidden-costsZone Budget

Our clubs always need more!  How do we do that?

By getting the Zone (via the VP Sports Development) to prove that Sports Clubs need more support to  our Trustee Board. This year we have had exceptional support from the Board as we were able to increase the Zone Budget by 10k during the year, and by around 30k  for next year. This means that the Sports Zone will have a budget of 281k with 239k which can be applied for by clubs directly.


Within that budget is a pot of money to enable our students to attend Level 3 (or equivalent) coaching courses in return for them coaching their respective clubs and a development pot which is large enough to improve the Focus Sports Programme again – something that both Katie Lightowler (incoming VP Sports Development) and I are very keen on.

In short, whilst we will never have enough to enable every club to do exactly what they want at the cost they want, we do have a large pot of money which can and has made a difference to both the sporting experience and performance of our students.  We need clubs to read the funding guidelines, create developmental plans for their clubs and bring innovative ideas forward so we can continue to improve the student experience in the sports zone.



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2 Comments on "Biggest Zone Budget Ever & Team Southampton Back in The Top 20 of BUCS!"

  1. evanwhyte
    22/06/2014 at 7:45 pm Permalink

    does this apply for intramural teams as well ? also is there anywhere where we can easily access the funding guidelines ?

  2. evanwhyte
    Evan Whyte
    22/06/2014 at 7:57 pm Permalink

    The zone budget is split into different sections, the main part of the budget that AU clubs apply for, is only available to affiliated student groups. This means that there is no part of the budget for IM teams to apply for, instead the officers of the zone will look for projects or spends which they think will influence participation/ Intra-mural. For example the price of Intra-mural will be subsidised by the zone next year and there will also be equipment available for IM teams. The funding guidelines are on the student groups hub and can be accessed by committee members.

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