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Want 5,000 students to see your business?

The Freshers’ Fayre is one of the busiest events each year.

Last year we trialed having student businesses/ products/ enterprises at the Freshers Fayre to expose them to a market, support them in their start up and give you a chance to have your say on what you liked and didn’t like.

This year we want to give as many student businesses, enterprises and products a chance to showcase themselves and so have opened up the application NOW

The freshers fayre will be on Friday 26th September and you will have the chance to be there from 9am-5pm to talk to as many students as possible.

If you are interested…

Please fill in this form by Friday 12th September

The only rules are that you must have current students involved, and that it is a product, enterprise or business that students would be interested in!

This is an opportunity to have 5000 students see your work, so make sure you make the most of this opportunity!

Below are some photos of student enterprises that had the chance to promote themselves last year.



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One Comment on "Want 5,000 students to see your business?"

  1. Claire Gilbert
    Jenny Josephs
    26/08/2014 at 10:17 am Permalink

    Is there any chance of getting a confirmation about this before 17th September? If accepted I will have to order in some stock and arrange a day off work!

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