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16 July 2014 14:30

And so it begins…

Hey everyone! I’m Megan, your new Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries. How exciting is this! My first blog as a Sabbatical Officer. I do feel very grown up. It’s been an absolutely jam-packed couple of weeks, so here a little snippet of what I’ve been up to.

10347062_10152213037164013_8543777920985239900_n (1)First of all we had our handover with the lovely Sabbatical Team from 2013-2014. The week consisted of long days of training along with fun socials each evening. This was really beneficial as we got to learn loads of stuff about SUSU more generally as well as all the personal elements of being a Sabbatical, from those that know best. It was a great opportunity to ask questions about the things we were most terrified about and thanks to the old team and their wise advice, my mind was put at rest on a lot of things. It was also an awesome chance to get to know the new team better! And I love them all (so far… *evil side-eye*)

Almost without a chance to take a breath we were off to Bolton for the Students Unions 2014 conference alongside a few members of the Student Leadership Team, including the newly appointed Chief Executive, Scott McCarthy. This was another opportunity to get to know the new team as well as the staff we will be working with over the year, but it was also a chance to meet other Sabbatical teams from around the country. We exchanged more business cards than you can count and acquired lots of great tips and advice from students unions around the country to bring back to SUSU.

This past week has been another super busy one for me as I have been back at NME on another week of work experience. Although I had to take a week out of the office on annual leave to do it, it’s been great fun and hopefully I can bring back some industry tips for our very own student media outlets. Despite pretending to be a journalist for a week, and loving it, I am itching to get going with my Sabbatical plans for the year ahead and starting to plan the Creative Industries Training Week – which is going to be bigger and better than ever, before by the way.

I’ll leave it there for now or I could go on for days about how excited I am for the year ahead. It’s gonna be a good one, I can feel it already.

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