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06 August 2014 18:00


Being my first blog ever I thought I’d give it an INDIAN TWIST right in the title so here we go!


Given that I have months’ worth of experience to pop into my blog I apologise for it lengthiness, however I’m sure you’ll enjoy every single word of it as I attempt to make it a very fun to read blog.

Right, first things first, my name is Anjit Aulakh and I’m your Vice President Student Communities this year. And I kid you not when I say that I practically spent half an hour on google trying to find out how to write an awesome blog :-p the result being that I came up with a my own way to make it worth the read. (At least I think I did 😉 )

Before I kick things off here’s a little something that will hopefully get you all to look forward to having a gander at future blogs. At the end of each blog that I get out, there will be an element associated with it in the form of a question, this may be pertaining to SUSU, Pokemon, Disney, all kind of things really and the correct answer to which will get you the chance to win a goody, which I shall announce in each of my successive blogs wherein the winner will have the excitement to look forward to their picture with me and the goody they have won.

So a quick whizz of what have I been upto in my very first month. We kicked things off with our handover week which was a week of awesomeness with our predecessors which went by way too quickly and we bid them and their awesomeness adieu.

VID_20140630_143653_94368 (1)

The very next week we were off to BOLTON to attend the SU14 conference where we met amazing Sabbs 😀 and where better to have a STUDENTS UNION 2014 conference than in a football stadium. Safe to say it was a win win situation for a football fanatic like moi.

Here’s what my view was like:


We also met amazing people, one example being the fantastic Bonnie Greer:


Shortly after this followed… UMMM TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING, and some more training. In all seriousness it has been really helpful in getting to know the bigger picture and where we fall into place. And it’s been an absolute pleasure to get to know the staff a whole lot better 🙂

I did get upto a few other things in the meantime like meeting the Mayor of Winchester whilst sitting in graduation ceremonies:


Go water zorbing at the University Staff party:


Have bit of fun with SUSU the cat’s face, you know the usual stuff:


On a fairly serious note though here’s what we my team and I been getting up to.

Pre-Sessional students

The pre-sessional team has been absolutely brilliant in making the pre sessional students’ experience here in Southampton a memorable one, which will hopefully be etched into their memories for years to come. They’ve been on trips to the Isle of Wight, London, Cambridge, etc. and I’m pretty sure they had a good time judging by their lovely faces 🙂


Post Graduate Students

Moving on to things on the post graduate front we’ve had a very productive meeting with University representatives about coming together to from a Post graduate run committee-esque organisation which will hopefully help not only drive post graduate engagement but also help represent their views and ideas better. More to follow on this the next time you read up.


There are a whole host of things going on with WSA this time round. We’ve been in numerous meetings with the University who are more than on board about making sure engagement with Winchester this year is better than it’s ever been. As a result we have a whole host of activities which will hopefully increase engagement.


I’ve got plenty in store for JCRs and Fresher Reps in the form of awesome training and some lovely t-shirts. Given that I haven’t met them physically yet, but by the grasps of our online encounters I can’t wait to get started with them.

This is just a snippet of what there is yet to come, however fearing the fact that the lengthiness of this blog might bore the hell out of you, I shall stop here hoping that you all are more than eager to read my second installment 🙂

And as promised here’s this week competition question and what better way to kick start it all than Pokemon itself.

Right the question is:

When was the very first time in his life that Professor Oak first met Ash Ketchum?


Comment your answer in the comments section below and who knows you might win this Blogs prize which is….. *drum roll*


You have until the next blog or until whosoever get the correct answer to me first to win the bar 🙂

This is me signing off, Till next time.

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2 Comments on "NAMASTE SUSU"

  1. anjitaulakh
    Tom Smith
    07/08/2014 at 7:12 pm Permalink

    Pokemon 4ever

    A very enjoyable first blog entry!

  2. anjitaulakh
    Hargobind Singh Shan
    08/08/2014 at 9:07 pm Permalink

    Nice one Anjit !!keep it up bro …
    now the answer
    Professor Oak made his debut in Pokémon, I Choose You!, appearing on a late night television show explaining the three starter Pokémon that Pokémon Trainers would receive. The next day, three Trainers from Pallet Town, including his grandson, Gary Oak, came to his lab, ready to become Pokémon Trainers. Oak gave them each a Starter Pokémon, including giving Gary his Squirtle, though this wasn’t revealed until much later in the series. Later that same day, Ash came to him as he was also starting his Pokémon journey and needed his first Pokémon as well. But because he was so late, the only Pokémon Oak had left was a rebellious Pikachu.

    BTW google rocks

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