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01 October 2014 14:58

Wessex Scene Magazine Launch Party A Roaring Success


The Wessex Scene team looking glamorous in The Bridge last night.

Last night saw the Wessex Scene team relaunch their magazine with a fantastic design re brand, and the night could not have been more of a success. The Bridge here at SUSU played host to the launch party, of which both myself and Tahlie Cooper (Wessex Scene Editor) have spent months planning and fine tuning down to the last detail.

A red carpet led the way into campus’ most popular venue, and an array of red and white balloons, as well as some fancy lighting meant that the venue was the perfect place for this up market, black tie event. The evening was taken up a notch with the inclusion of an amazing Jazz band! The guys played for a whole hour and everyone at the event felt that it made the event even more fancy. I for one was dancing along to the band and thoroughly enjoyed the whole of their set. Students came out in their forces to support the Wessex Scene and dressed up to the nines for the occasion; some even got ‘papped’ upon arrival on the red carpet. Champagne and canapes were on offer for those that arrived to the venue promptly and before long there were over 100 people in The Bridge.

Over the summer the Wessex Scene team have been working hard to change the look of the printed editions. Many discussions had taken place with myself, the Editorial team and the Head of Design, Sam Bailey to ensure that the Wessex Scene for 2014-2015 is tailored to exactly what students here at University of Southampton want. This change has included a change in size, moving to a slightly larger printed copy, and thus making a clear distinction between them and campus’ entertainment magazine, The Edge. As well as this, a move towards a glossy finish has lifted the publication into the professional realm. The Wessex Scene’s imagery team have also been a big part of the re brand with many of the students who have volunteered to provide the artwork for the publication have come from the Winchester School of Art.

I’m very proud to have been a part of the big changes that are being made this year and even more excited to see what the extremely dedicated group of people involved with the Wessex Scene get up to in the next year.

For Issue 1 of the new-look Wessex Scene, make sure you head to campus this Friday to grab a copy. If you can’t wait for Friday, check out their website for more details about what they do and how to get involved. 

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