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09 October 2014 17:09

JCR Elections



Fancy a chance to lead your JCR through Freshers’ next year? If this sounds like the job for you, nominations for your JCR Committee are now open. We’re looking for seven students in each hall to run their JCR for a year, starting in January – could it be you?


Being on a JCR Committee is huge fun – you get to be the face of your Hall to next year’s Freshers, and get into events for free – but it’s also an incredible life experience. You’ll get skills and training that’ll be useful to you not only during your time at University, but when you graduate as well.


In each JCR, we’re looking for:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Events Officer
  • RAG Officer
  • Social Media Officer
  • Sports Officer
  • Welfare Officer


Nominations close on Wednesday 15th at 12pm, and it literally takes a minute to do, online at


If you think you might be interested but would like to find out more, you can come along to a drop in at your respective halls’ common room on the following dates and times:


Archers Road: Sunday (12/10/14) 6.00 pm

Bencraft: Sunday (12/10/14) 6.00 pm

Chamberlain: TBD (Contact your JCR on the facebook page)

Connaught: Sunday (12/10/14) 7.00 pm

Erasmus Park: Sunday (12/10/14) 6.00 pm

Glen Eyre: Sunday (12/10/14) 7.00 pm

Highfield: Sunday (12/10/14) 6.30 pm

Liberty Point: Sunday (12/10/14) 7.00 pm

Mayflower: Friday (10/10/14) 7.00 pm and Sunday (12/10/14) 6.00 pm

Monte: Sunday (12/10/14) 6.00 pm

Private Rented: Monday (13/10/14) 5.00 pm in THE BRIDGE


Or keep an eye out for your JCR Committee coming round your halls over the next few days.


If you’ve got any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via – I’d love to hear from you!

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