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29 October 2014 17:56

‘Diwali’ and ‘JCR and rep awards 2014’



Last week was an eventful one where we had celebrations galore 🙂


We saw two events go through on the very same day one after the other without a hitch and the feedback for them both was absolutely amazing.


The day started off with people gathering around the concourse area in SUSU to partake in the Diwali celebrations.


Diwali or Divali also known as Deepavali and the “festival of lights”, is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn every year. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. Before Diwali night, people clean, renovate and decorate their homes and offices. On Diwali night, Hindus dress up in new clothes or their best outfit, light up diyas (lamps and candles) inside (we didn’t because clearly a naked flame inside would end up being a health and safety hazard :-p ) and outside their home, participate in family puja (prayers) typically to Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth and prosperity. After puja, fireworks follow, then a family feast including mithai (sweets), and an exchange of gifts between family members and close friends.


We on the day had loads of fun interactive activities which included the likes of henna pattern drawings, diya painting, rangoli painting, traditional Indian food and drinks we had it all. People came in numbers to witness this culturally rich event in the concourse from 9 a.m. We also had a learning stall set up where people could go if they wanted to find out about the significance of Diwali and the history behind it.





During the evening we had a movie screening which was very well attended following which we moved outside and had a display of firecrackers which included Catherine wheels, Light fountains and sparklers. The evening of this big event came to a close with a massive evening prayer in the concourse and it was an amazing day altogether.


To have a look at what went down on the day as well watch this video 🙂




As soon as the night wound down for Hindu Soc, things were just getting started for the second big event of the evening ‘The JCR and rep Awards Night 2014’.


JCR and Rep Awards Night 2014












The 3rd Annual JCR and reps award night saw us recognise  the immense hard-work and dedication put in by JCRs and reps alike in making sure that the freshers this year have felt welcomed and comfortable. These lot were instrumental in actually making sure everything ran in a smooth and coordinated manner, be it helping students move into their new flats, getting on the buses and travelling to every event with the new students, or just lending them a helping hand when they needed it, Freshers’ Week wouldn’t have been possible without their awesome contribution.




There were loads of awards given out on the night and the entire list of which can be found below. If you have a burning urge to ask these lovely bunch about the details of the awards go right ahead hey may or may not want to share their success with you based on the award you pick.


Most Welcoming JCR

This award went to the JCR and Fresher reps that were the most welcoming over the move in weekend, in terms of interaction with Freshers and parents, friendliness, atmosphere and effort put in.

Highly Commended : Montefiore

Winner : Connaught


Best Welcome Talk

This award went to the JCR member/members who gave the best welcome talk for Freshers on the move in days. The welcome talk is an important part of Freshers as it is the first opportunity to let the Freshers know who the JCRs are, what is it they can offer and most importantly, to make them feel settled and comfortable with their new home.


Highly Commended : Archers Road

Winner : Bencraft



Best Social Media Engagement

This award was for the JCR and reps that have had the best impact on Social Media, from the #moveindayselfies, to Instagram and Facebook posts to tweets throughout Freshers. Social Media engagement is one of the most important parts of Freshers! It is the best form of communicating with the mass of Freshers in halls, with regards to events, campaigns and so on.


Highly Commended : Glen Eyre

Winner : Archers Road




Worst Dancer

As you have probably guessed, the worst dancer is well known for busting out the ‘Dad’ moves. This award wasn’t to discourage them from dancing but rather to commemorate their efforts at trying to have a go.


Highly Commended : Jenny Pain (Highfield)

Winner : Ryan Kemp (Chamberlain)



Best Dancer

Usually a performer once they’ve had a couple of beverages and their favourite tune comes on it’s a performance we all love to see. These people really did rock the dance floor.


Highly Commended : Tom Cross (Glen Eyre)

Winner : Nathan Ruttley (Private Rented)


Most Embarrassing Moment

This award went to a moment in Freshers in which you would just want the ground to open up and swallow you. We’ve all had one particularly embarrassing moment in our life time, so when it happens in Freshers, why not call the person out with an award in front of all of their peers.


Highly Commended : Ruphina Aura (Connaught)

Winner : Archers Road


Most Memorable Moment

This award went to a particular moment in this Freshers, one moment which many will remember whether it be funny, embarrassing, significant or just quite simply brilliant. We’ve all had many personal memorable moments this Freshers, ones that we will still talk about in times to come, and most likely memory we do remember after a night out.


Highly Commended : ABDUL (?????)

Winner : Connaught, Montefiore and Chamberlain



Best JCR Spirit

This award went to the JCR, who showed the most togetherness and unity in promoting everything good about the JCR throughout the whole of Freshers. This award was a special one, in which each JCR and Fresher rep could take great pride in showing how good the JCRs can be, and everything good about them.


Highly Commended : Erasmus Park

Winner : Chamberlain



Best Halls Reps

We had an award from each JCR team, for one rep who had stood out over the course for Freshers for their effort and commitment to being a Fresher or Senior Rep, as well has having fun throughout. We had an award for a rep from each JCR team in recognition of this.


Archers Road: Alex Wegener

Bencraft: James Slonina

Chamberlain: Nathan Vosper

Connaught: George Lovegrove

Erasmus Park: Hannah Hamlin

Glen Eyre: Sophie Tidman

Highfield: Alex Overton

Liberty Point: Lauren Jones

Mayflower: Daniel True

Montefiore: Lewis Banks

Private Rented: Ashley Martin


Best Volunteers

Now an award for best volunteer. Similar to the halls rep award, this award is given to JCR members who have gone above and beyond their duty to ensure that Freshers was a smooth as they could possibly make it. These people deserve acknowledgement for their efforts not just during the past few weeks, but for weeks in summer and before leading up to Freshers.


Highly Commended: Jamie Wilson

Highly Commended: Emily Postle

Highly Commended: Alex McGregor

Winner: Max Turner


JCR Officer Special Recognition

This is a new award introduced this year, and can be considered a special recognition for the efforts made throughout Freshers, ones that Frankie had particularly noticed and more importantly, appreciated and acknowledged what these guys have done with regards to Freshers 2014.


Highly Commended: Flora Noble

Winner: Andy Ngai




VP Student Communities Special Recognition

This is a new award introduced this year, and can be considered a special recognition for the efforts made throughout Freshers, ones that I had particularly noticed and more importantly, appreciated and acknowledged what they have done with regards to Freshers 2014.


Highly Commended: Victoria Bone

Winner: Kate Thomas


Best JCR

Now on to the final award, and the biggest award of the night… the BEST JCR team 2014. This award really symbolised the work the JCRs put in over the year since they started in January, and not just for Freshers 2014. This award acknowledges each individual member of the JCR and collective impact they’ve made whilst in their positions.


Highly Commended: Private Rented

Highly Commended: Highfield

Highly Commended: Glen Eyre

Winner: Liberty Point





Before we rounded up for the night we also recognised the special contributions of this guy in the picture below, the JCR Officer Frankie Mouat who had dedicated immense time and effort into coordinating the entire thing and without him I don’t think freshers would have been as successful as it has been.



Now finally following on the tradition (bar the last one because I just forgot 🙂 ) In the last blog I had asked where the following quote was from:


“Rule number 5 says you can ignore rule number 2 if there’s a female involved, or possibly a cute dog. You know, I just make up these rules as I go along.”


The correct answer is indeed ICE AGE 3 and this time round the winner was Chris Nash who’s a staff ember so I’m pretty sure I can get away with not giving him the prize 🙂 images



This weeks question to win yourself a free meal in the bridge with moi that’s right it shall be all on me 🙂 is this:


WHAT LIES AT THE CORE OF THE ELDER WAND IN HARRY POTTER? You only have till Monday to respond (by commenting on the post below) to this and earn yourself a lovely bridge meal so get those harry potter books out. 🙂 Only The first one to correctly answer this will win so yeah all the best 🙂


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