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03 November 2014 17:04

Team Southampton Kit Online!

To Team Southampton,TeamSoton logo

I am proud to announce that you are now able to order Team Southampton kit! You can find the products on the SUSU box office here.


The items on the box office are Team Southampton off-field training wear for purchase by any student, staff, alumni, friends and family. If you are a member of an AU Club who would like their items customized (e.g. SWIM TEAM on the back of a hoodie) please speak to your kit secretary, who will liase with us to submit an order directly. All competition wear should also be ordered through your kit secretary (e.g. Rowing suits, athletic shorts and vest).

Please note that the off-field training wear orders will be done in batches. The deadline for the first batch will be Tuesday 18th November at midnight, anticipated delivery by the end of February 2015. If you miss this date, the second batch will be ordered right at the beginning of January.

Join #TeamSoton and grab your stash now!

Best wishes,


Vice President Sports Development


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