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11 February 2015 12:00

24 Hours to Nominate Yourself

The Union is a £7.2 million organisation that represents students to the University, the Council and even Parliament. There are loads of ways for you to get involved with running the Union: Sabbatical leadership, Student Leaders and Trustees.

Sabbaticals set the direction, and take a year out to get paid to run the Union. These seven positions work to shape SUSU for the year; sitting on trustee board, chairing the Union’s political zones and being the figurehead representatives for our students.

Trustees play an absolutely key role in the running of the Union as a company. The Trustee Board is responsible for the finances, staffing policies and commercial direction of SUSU. If you’re interested in numbers or strategy, then this is a role for you.

Student Leaders sit on zones, run union groups and are the Union’s key ‘political’ volunteers. Want to run Nightline? Surge? Be a Faculty Officer? Then you want to be a student leader, representing key swathes of our members – your peers – in Union Council and to the University.

Whatever type of leadership you’re interested in, we have something for you. Don’t just do it because it looks great on your CV, do it because you’ll be great at it and it will be great for you.

Nominations close at midday tomorrow, nominate yourself now

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