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17 March 2015 15:47

The Media Ball is back and the award nominations are open!



It’s back. The one you’ve all been waiting for. The Media Ball for 2015. This event celebrates the great work of our media departments over the last year, and in its third year, it’s going to be bigger and better than ever.

The nominations for the Media Awards 2015 are now OPEN.The categories are as follows:

The categories are as follows:

Best News Coverage
This award goes to a single news piece which is deemed to be of exceptional quality. When submitting the nomination, mention the reach it had on social media, speed in which it was created, and the impact which it had.  

Best Interview
This category is open to any type of interview, from those with students to celebrities to politicians. In the entries we want to see that research has been conducted and a connection has been made between the interviewer and interviewee(s) in a way which has created engaging content.

Best Review
Reviews of albums, restaurants, events, performances, and plenty more are all eligible for the Best Review category. We are looking for a professional tone and a well-fought argument to justify the review.

Best Feature
This category is very general, but goes to any extended piece of work which does not fit into the other “content” related awards. It may be a radio play, a television documentary, or an in-depth article about misogyny in music or elections on campus. Almost anything goes. In the entries, we want to see a range of skills implemented to create a piece of work which is of a professional standard and has had an impact when aired/published.

Best Behind-The-Scenes Contribution
Know an unsung hero within the media departments who puts in all the hard graft and gets little glory? The Best Behind-The-Scenes Contribution award is there to celebrate that special someone who has worked tirelessly to make their department the best that it can be for other volunteers, and for the  wider audience.

Innovation Award
We’re looking to find the most innovative idea, person or THING from the past academic year within SUSU media. In the nomination, explain the impact which the innovation had for the department and wider audience.

Newcomer of the Year
To celebrate all of those media newbies, we want to hear who you think deserves to be crowned Newcomer of the Year. This is someone who has become involved in one or more of the media departments in the past 12 months. The individual will have shown huge commitment to the department(s) and had an impact with the content they have created.

Best Event
Whether it’s the hosting or coverage of an event, the Best Event award will go to a media department for their exceptional content and teamwork.

Best Marketing & Publicity
Each department has their own special way of getting the word out about the content they’re proud of. This award will go to the department which has had the best overall marketing and publicity this year, including both physical and online forms. Nominations should include evidence of engagement, reach, and innovative methods.

To submit your nominations, follow this link:

Make sure you join the event on Facebook. This will be the place that more information will be announced shortly. For now, save the date: 29th April 2015.


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