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19 March 2015 19:31

Elections 2015, relive the excitement

11080537_870646422995913_3118664012256826772_oI’ve just about caught my breath after the world-wind that was the Spring Elections 2015, I think I’m still catching up on sleep but we’re powering through. The pinnacle of the Elections period every year is Elections Night Live, and this year it was bigger and better than ever before. Elections Night Live is SUSUtv’s biggest production of the year as they simultaneously broadcast two live channels at once. There have been four months of planning and organising to make the event what it is. From organising the broadcast, auditions, meetings, rehearsals and everything behind the scenes from a production side of it, we have been super busy for months on end. Almost 50 volunteers were involved, eight presenters took part broadcasting from five different sets within the Union. Big shout outs go to Emily Spurling of SUSUtv for her endless effort throughout the whole process, and a special congratulations to directors Anna Saracka, Danielle Topaz and Tom Smith for executing such a smooth broadcast.

SUSUtv Station Manager Joanna Sheldon had this to say about the elections: “I’m so proud of all the SUSUtv volunteers who were part of our elections coverage this year. It was a monumental effort of almost 50 crew members to bring together Elections Night Live. I was completely blown away by how natural and entertaining our presenters were and how calm and professional our crew was. The broadcast was a complete success, thank you to everyone that gave up their time and made it so amazing’

You can now watch back the night itself here and use the scene selector to go to the results you wish to relive or catch up on: or check out the studio channel here:





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