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27 April 2015 17:54

Join our team!

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The Spring Elections are on the horizon and that means we are looking for NEXT YEAR’S team of academic representatives.

That’s right – now is the time to nominate yourself to be a Course Rep, Academic President, Vice President or Faculty Officer!

If you think you have what it takes – keep reading:

These are the roles that are on offer in #TeamEducation:

Course Reps

Join our team of over 300 elected course reps each year– you’ll represent your course mates and will be trained gather feedback to bring to Staff Student Liaison Committees. For more information on what a Course Rep is and what they do within their role, head to the Course Rep opportunity profile, here:


Academic Presidents (and Academic Vice Presidents)

There’s one Academic President for every academic unit (and in Social Sciences, there’s a Vice-President for each department ). You’ll co-ordinate the Course Reps in your area, sit on Faculty-level committees to help make a difference for students. For a full list of all the Academic President positions available, head here:


Natural and Environmental Sciences Faculty Officer (only faculty Officer position left unless you study Medicine!)

Most senior type of academic representative, leading a team of Academic Presidents and representing their faculty at the highest level, this person is the team leader. Organise and chair faculty-level discussion forums regularly throughout the year. Sit on SUSU’s Education Zone Committee and help lead campaigns with the VP Education. Take a look here for more information:


To run for any of the positions above please head to . If you have any questions about any of the roles and would like to talk to someone about it, please email me on

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