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27 April 2015 19:48

The Union Needs to Change

I believe that some of our democratic structures fail the general student body. Namely, I’m talking about Union Council.11066165_10153257049154395_2001480256874124279_n

Our democratic structures should make real change to the lives of students, and our policies should be geared towards them as well as being written by them.

Union Council, in its current structure, does not do this. It engages an incredibly small number of students, and even they tend not to turn up. We have 82 positions, the most we’ve ever filled are 67 and only three of the last 14 Union Councils have been quorate.

Change is in order, and I want to be able to take a policy to the AGM that will create a better system for the future.

There are three ‘standard’ policy creating bodies at Student Unions across the country:

– Councils, like ours, that are made of a small number of students to make policy on behalf of the student body

– General Meetings, like our AGM but more regular. This is similar to the Council model but every student that shows up has the vote and it’s open to all

– Jury: Where students are randomly selected for each meeting and vote for policies on behalf of the student body.

Next week we’ll be hosting three focus groups about how best to go forward, at 11am and 4pm on the 4th May, and 4pm on 5th May in Meeting Room 2 of Building 42. We’ll be giving a £10 voucher to use in all Union outlets to every student that comes along. Register to come along here or visit bit.ly/changeyourunion.

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One Comment on "The Union Needs to Change"

  1. davidmendozawolfson
    27/04/2015 at 8:06 pm Permalink

    Oh God, this again?

    David, face it. You wanted to do this last year, and nobody wanted you to. Stop flogging this dead horse and focus on the ways in which SUSU is failing its members according to them. Your own opinion is irrelevant.

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