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29 June 2015 11:42

Penultimate Day of Sabb Life – Thank you for everything!

Gosh. It is my penultimate day of being a sabb and I’m really not prepared for the emptiness I’ll feel when I leave this job. It has been an incredibly fulfilling experience that has drastically shaped the person I am today and the person I aspire to be. If you have ever even considered running to be a sabb, please just do it. There are barely words to describe what it means to be one, you have to experience it for yourself.

Despite being at the end of my term in office however, the pace hasn’t slowed. Below are the main things I’ve been up to since my last blog and it’s a lot!


The Launch Pad

It is so awesomely super oober duper exciting that we are going to be giving 2 fantastic student businesses money to make their dreams a reality! 2 engineering students have invented and designed solar panel phone charging covers whilst 2 other students have come up with a business to make it easier for clubs and societies to find funding through sponsorship with external organisations.

Launch Pad

RAG Awards

We awarded all the great fundraising our students have done over the year! It was a great celebration!

Rag Awards 2015 (watermarked)-84

Rag Awards 2015 (watermarked)-76











Mission GE2015

I have A LOT of people to thank for putting this together: staff and volunteers alike. Anyone who helped out, thank you so much. This was undoubtedly the coolest, most exciting, and most important thing I have ever done. I can’t wait to get the final numbers of registration and voter turnout but I genuinely believe they will be very high. Hannah (the new incoming me) will be announcing these figures this Summer, stay tuned!



The Big Give

It was BIG and it CAME.

The Big Give Colour Run was a great success in conjunction with the AU that raised £650 and students got lost, stranded 99 miles away from home, raising a whopping £2100!


Colour Run 3

And Hannah and I got gunged!


And the number you’ve all been waiting for…. *ddrrrruuummmm roooolllllll*

This year…

The Big Give raised…

A grand total of…


That’s all gone to our three main charities: Teenage Cancer Trust, Solent Mind, and WaterAid. The biggest Big Give total EVER. Well done to everyone involved and a huge thank you to our sponsors Santander and West Quay Cars.

“But what is the grand overall RAG total?” I hear you cry…

Well you need wait no longer. In 2014/15, RAG has raised more than ever before, blowing previous RAG totals out of the water with a whopping…


Another result you’ve all been waiting for:

Our three main charities for 2015/16

The student body has nominated charities and causes close to your hearts and you all voted for those that meant the very most to you and the votes have been counted. So, next year RAG will be raising money and awareness for these three incredible causes:

  • The Red Lipstick Foundation – A local charity that help families and friends who have suffered loss from suicide.
  • Student Mind – A charity that supports students and friends of students with mental health issues.
  • Make a Wish – A charity that grants wishes to terminally or seriously ill children.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – University of Southampton’s Cancer Immunology Campaign

This year for the first time ever, we have appointed a long-term beneficiary of RAG – The University’s Cancer Immunology Campaign. This is a huge campaign aiming to raise £25 million to build a world-leading center for Cancer Immunology at Southampton where our researchers could discover the cure for cancer. Already, lives are being saved across the world thanks to the research our University has done in this area and we are delighted to be committed to working with them to raise both money and awareness among the student body over the next three years for the duration of the campaign. We will be creating a sub-committee of RAG especially for this and if you are interested in being involved, please do not hesitate to get in touch with 2015/16 RAG President, Kieran Reals, on ragofficer@soton.ac.uk.



Oh the EVAs were wonderful. Again, so much thanking to do for this. Everyone was amazing. All the winners, nominees and everyone involved. Such an honour to be the lead on this valuable event. I can’t wait to see all the photos from next year; I’ll be wishing I was there.


shift your stuff

Shift Your Stuff

We are helping you move out! I’m so excited about this project and so happy we’re doing it. Working alongside the sustainability team has been great. The project aims to support students by making it easier for them to donate unwanted items and reduce their waste during a time when they are leaving the city or relocating to another rented property. Working closely with the city council, police, local residents, and student volunteers. So much community collaboration <3

Final collection is TOMORROW. If you’re interested in being a part in the incredibly worthy cause, please leave your red bin bag outside your house before 11am. Alternatively, if you have the time, don’t hesitate to sign up as a volunteer to helping with the sorting by clicking here or emailing EandE@soton.ac.uk

Thank you and Goodbye

It has truly been an incredible year! Being a sabb has been the craziest, busiest, and most exciting thing I have ever done and it has been an absolute honour being your VP Engagement. Hannah Talbot is going to do a fantastic job next year and I’m so excited to see all the wonderful things she’ll achieve on this mad sabb journey.

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