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12 August 2015 10:22

Hello and what’s on my plan for the year

Hey all,
Here’s just a little bit about me and an introduction to some of the main things I want to do over the year. So…a bit about me: I’m Shruti, I did my undergraduate degree in Engineering. Home for me is Yorkshire and I absolutely love to travel 😀

The 2015/16 Sabb team in the Office 😀

Next, the important stuff about my plan for the year:

Why is my plan different to my manifesto?

To lay it all out for you: some things were already happening so instead of initiating the change I’m making sure it’s happening in the way students like; some things just weren’t possible so I’ve come up with ways to achieve the end goal that I wanted (and that you voted me in for!) via a different route. The employability part of my manifesto isn’t directly in my plan for the year for two reasons: 1) it mainly comes under the Sustainability Zone (VP Welfare’s remit) but to make sure I input into these conversations I am officially sitting on the Zone meetings to contribute to what’s happening 2) it’s something we’re focusing on as a team so it’s an integral part of the other points in my plan.

What big things are in my plan?

I have a lot on my plan this year and I’m focusing on a variety of areas:

  • Improving the learning and assessment experience: includes things like more study space, workstation access, assessment reform, online lecture material (including recorded lectures) and making sure university policies are consistent throughout e.g. online submission.
  • Improving the academic representation system: this covers various things from ensuring effective representation in more areas and improving the existing system to ensuring that they’re fully trained and visible throughout the year. I’m really keen to get the Education part of the website up to date and full of information!
  • Making Education Zone accessible to everyone: I want to ensure best practice is shares both within the university and our zone to make sure as many people as possible can get involved e.g. making sure our resources are good enough to deliver what we want, running a campaign on Special Considerations and Appeals, keeping in contact with the groups in the zone.
  • Postgraduates: I’m working on improving the experience, support and training of those who work as demonstrators and/or teaching assistants. I’m leading on the project to design and implement a representation structure specifically for research students and I’m also working with VP Welfare, Sam Bailey, on a mental health project to better support all research students as there is little/no structured pastoral support specifically for them.

Get involved

Throughout the year I’ll be blogging about what I’m doing, no matter who you are, if you want to get get involved in any of my projects let me know! Drop me an email at or add the VP Education Facebook account and message me on there. There’s lots I want to get done, so there should be something for everyone to get stuck in to 🙂

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