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17 August 2015 12:30

Honest Fears of a Sabb (aka, the people who run the Union)

Wait, you want me to help run the Union?!

Wait, you want me to help run the Union?!

As myself and the other new sabblings have settled into office for a triumphant year ahead, some of the unique fears and challenges of being given the power of representation of such a large and diverse group of people have begun to dawn on me like stepping out into the sun with no sun cream.

Being somewhat of a worrier, from my first days in the office a range of concerns entered my head: Will I get the desk I want? Will my team think I’m weird when they discover I’m the crazy cat lady? Will I still be mistaken for a first year? Will I spend all my salary in the Bridge? OK, I admit they’re perhaps not the most pressing concerns of the Union, but you have to remember this is most of our first jobs!

     But time flies, and nearly two months later, I’m dealing with a whole lot of new, much scarier prospects: What if I make the wrong decisions? What if I bankrupt the Union? What if I end up being a ‘hated’ sabb? And most terrifyingly: what if Susu the cat dies?!

Me and my bezzie Susu the cat

Me and my bezzie Susu the cat

On a serious note, this job is undeniably challenging- in what world does a 21 year old get given responsibility for 23,000 diverse people? Or a £7 million turnover business? And what 21 year old constantly faces the potential for criticism from an angry mob of their peers? (Apart from Justin Bieber)

But if there’s one thing my first month and a half have taught me, it’s that all of the staff and support I could ever want is in place for me to be able to make some big changes; bring the Union closer to its students; and make an even bigger deal of what we already do brilliantly.

My Key Focuses for the Year


I want to take a long hard look at how students respond to democracy here in the Union- and make it more meaningful for them (I wonder how many people got bored just reading the word alone!). One of my major focuses for the year will be improving how we make our decision making processes reflect and empower the many student voices we have. Having looked around other Union’s, I’ve realised just how good we are at being student led- let’s make this even clearer!

Creative Industries

I plan to keep up the momentum with our genuinely amazing Creative Industries groups and societies- focusing on employability and accessibility. This will kick off with the Creative Industries Induction, where some fabulous student projects will be born; and carry on to other huge events such as the Careers Season- who says we don’t give you anything? 😉

I’ll keep you guys in the loop with my plans as they develop, but for now, make sure you add me on facebook (ooh, friends) and enjoy your summer!

flying dog
Me flying gloriously into the year











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