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20 August 2015 19:28

New Beginnings



With another year gone by and New beginnings around the corner I write my first ever blog as your VP Student Communities for my second term with a completely different perspective to my first one last year 🙂



Well what’s different?

For those of you who know me well will get it that this time round I actually got to be on stage with the winning team for starters :-p

It’s also put me in a strong position to bring about some Strategic changes within the Student Communities Zone (Read on to find out more about them 😉 )



What’s the same?

Well I’m sat at the same desk I used to sit on, I still live in the same place I did last year and just like every year Freshers is still round the corner with its own array of different challenges and surprises which all of us here at SUSU are genuinely psyched about 😀





What I’m working on!

If you haven’t already heard, we’ve been upto a lot over the summer holidays 🙂

We carried out the International Student Engagement Review which was a fantastic piece of research and will now help us shape and give direction to our future engagement endeavour.

We’re also in the process of recruiting a JCR research assistant to look at the JCR brand as a whole and to look at our offer to new incoming students which again should be a really interesting piece of research.

Fingers crossed a lot is going to change and it’ll be amazing and awesome.







What Else?

Well it was quite a funny feeling for me because I literally just turned up one day and BAM I was working with 6 completely different colleagues, and with only a month and a half down the line we’re best of buds and every day is an absolute pleasure working with such enthusiastic sabbs.

We’ve also had the pleasure of hosting Dundee and have had the opportunity to visit students’ unions in Leeds, Loughborough, Sheffield, Bristol and Bath about which you can read in Ben’s (Union President) Blog and it’s safe to say we’ve come back with a lot of interesting ideas we can’t wait to implement 🙂

Well I’ll keep it short for now and try and not turn it into an essay but to stay up to date with what I’m getting upto or for that matter of fact the entire sabb team is getting upto please have a gander through our blogs 🙂

Now something that I started last year but never really kept going were easter egg’s in my BLOGS aka Surprise questions that got you a prize and this year I’m bringing them back the first one is relevant to this very blog actually.






QUESTION:  Who out of all us sabbatical Officers is the youngest??

Remember the first person to comment on here with the correct answer wins something (this will be kept a surprise 😉 )


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