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21 August 2015 17:47

Kick Off

Hi, I am Jamie, your Vice-President Sports Development for 2015/16.  I graduated this year with a BSc in Chemistry.Team Southampton

In my time at the University of Southampton I have been Intramural Officer for 2 years, played for SURFC, SUTRC, Barbarians Intramural Rugby team.  I was also Private Rented President and Vice-President and ChemSoc Sports Officer.


What have I been up to?

I went to BUCS Conference with Christie (your Intramural Officer) and spent a week learning about best practices and structures at other Universities.  I hope to implement some of the things that were spoken about that week.

On a similar theme, as a sabbatical team, we visited other Unions around the country again to learn how they ran their Unions and how we can improve ours.

As with all sabbs, I have been planning what I want to achieve this year.  This includes implementing a tiered gym membership,  improving the disability sport provision, running campaigns and
getting involved in charity events throughout the year.  I also want to complete the long process of writing a joint strategy with Sport and Wellbeing that Katie started work on last year.

A packed seminar at BUCS Conference

A packed seminar on tackling anti-social behavior at BUCS conference.What is coming up?

Sports Zone have had 640 funding applications that myself and the committee will be wading through over the next couple of weeks.

Focus Sport applications forms are going to be sent out next week so keep an eye out for that if your team want to apply

Freshers is just around the corner so there is lots of planning going into that at the moment.


I am really looking forward to the rest of my year and working with my committees to help improve the Sports Experience at Southampton.



Get in touch! Questions, queries, opinions and thoughts

Email me at vpsports@susu.org

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Or come and find me in the Sabb Office on Level 2 of Building 42!


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