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25 August 2015 17:25

Worried about coming to uni? Don’t be!

Coming to uni is one of the biggest things you’ll ever do. It’s going to be fun, exciting but also pretty nerve-racking. It’s completely normal to feel nervous, anxious and unsure of what to do. You’ll probably find most people feel exactly the same as you!


There are always loads of burning questions you have before coming to university, and no question is too small! So here are the answers to a few things you might have wondered about at some point…

The Bunfight

The Bunfight is your chance to sign up to over 300 clubs and societies!

How do I meet new friends?

There are 6,000 new students arriving at the University of Southampton in a few weeks, and most of them won’t know anyone else. You’ll meet so many new people during Freshers’ and some of them will become your friends for life.

Get started by coming along to the events organised by your Students’ Union. The Bunfight in Freshers’ Week is the first chance to sign up to over 300 clubs and societies – it’s the perfect way to meet people interested in the same things as you.

Find out who you might be living with by joining your halls Facebook group here.


What if I don’t get into halls?

Don’t panic! There’s loads of support and advice out there if you’re looking to move into private rented accommodation. Check out the University’s page here or our page from The Advice Centre here. Join the Official Private Rented JCR Facebook group here to look for potential housemates, they’ve even organised a speed-mating session! Don’t worry if you’re not in halls, you won’t miss out on all the great events going on – Private Rented JCR have you covered!


What about if I have a question?

There will be loads of people around the Union during Freshers’ Week to ask if you have any questions, including your team of Full-time Officers, JCR Committee members and Halls Reps. Ask us a question if you spot us around, send an email or message us on Facebook!

If you need advice then The Advice Centre can help with anything from finances to accommodation! Contact them here or find them in Building 40.


What events are happening and where do I buy tickets?

Find all the events and activities going on in Freshers’ Week here, where there will be more details about daytime events coming soon! Your JCR will organise events for specific halls (Private Rented JCR is the one for you if you’re not in halls!) and you’ll find more details in the halls groups.

You can buy tickets from The Box Office, where you can be sure you’ll only find official events. There are unofficial non-Union events going on during Freshers’ that are being advertised in other Facebook groups or on the web, but just make sure you’re clear what you’re paying for before you part with your money. We can’t guarantee anything about these events so just be sensible!

If you’ve bought a Masterpass you can pick it up from the Union building when you arrive.


Who can help if I have a problem?

Remember you’re never alone! It’s pretty common to feel homesick, and everyone needs someone to talk to or a bit of advice at some point.

The Advice Centre can help you with pretty much any problem and can point you in the right direction – find them upstairs in Building 40, email them at or call 02380 592085. Nightline is a confidential listening and information service run by students just like you for other students. You can call them on 02380 595236 between 8pm and 8am every day during term time.

These are just a couple of things you might find useful, visit the Help and Support section of the website to find a whole list of the services available to you.

Taxi dog

Don’t walk home alone, take a taxi!

How do I get home safely?

Never walk home alone at night – there are so many better ways to get back safely! Think about how you’re going to get home before you go out and let your friends know your plans.

The Safety Bus runs every night from campus (just outside The Shop) to your door for as little as £1.50. If you live in Winchester the bus will take you back for just £4.50.

Out at night and find yourself without money for a taxi? Book a taxi with Radio Taxis (02380 666666), make sure the taxi registration number matches up with the text they send and hand over your student ID card as payment and then pick it up from reception in the Union building and pay your fare the next day.

At all of the Union-organised Freshers’ events there will be transport ready to take you home.


When do I get my bus pass?

If you’re staying in Halls of Residence then you can pick up your free bus pass when you arrive on move in day.

Got a question that hasn’t been answered here? Ask it on the Official University of Southampton Freshers’ 2015-16 group or get in touch!

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