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28 August 2015 14:36

Block Bookings FAQs


What are block bookings requests?

These are the requests that student groups (clubs and societies) submit before the new term for repeat booking slots in SUSU spaces. This can be for anything from a weekly committee meeting to a Kung Fu training session. The information about this is sent out from to the committee’s email addresses

Who decides?

As VP Democracy and Creative Industries, my remit includes student groups, and I work closely with Jamie (VP Sports Development) – as he has by far the largest number of student groups in his activities zone. Although we make the big decisions, we do work with our full time zone coordinators, as they have experience and knowledge from previous years of block bookings.

How do they decide?

Quite honestly, a lot of it is one big game of Tetris, as we have to arrange requests from our 300+ student groups into a finite timetable. This year we sat in a room with a whiteboard, a spreadsheet, lots of information and even more caffeine for over four hours!


This is 'da real balancing act

This is ‘da real balancing act

Are they allocated fairly?

When we decide the bookings we remain completely impartial and try to allocate space in the fairest way possible, though of course there is no exact science to this! An example of things we consider is:

-Is this the most suitable space for their purpose- can they use any other available spaces?

-Is this the only time they can do? (For example do they require external tutors)

-Will this benefit the highest number of members?

-What space have they been allocated previously?

– Will they get the full use out of all the time they’ve asked for?

-Are we being diverse and balanced in our allocation of space?

-Have we already given them other first choices?

-Does the group have any pre-existing commitments (e.g. tournaments) we have to work around?

-Did they submit their application on time and in the correct format?




How can we possibly fit anything else in?!

How can we possibly fit anything else in?!

Why didn’t I get my preference?

As much as we’d love to give everyone their first choice, we simply don’t have enough space- especially in the evenings when there are always multiple clashes. When a clash occurs, we have to systematically look through the other available spaces and times until we find the best situation for the most groups. For example instead of randomly picking you a new time, we’ll try and give you the same time on a different day first.

When will I found out the outcomes of block bookings?

We are finalising the timetable now, and hope to have it published in the next two weeks.

What do I do if my allocations are unsuitable?

Unfortunately due to the number of requests we receive, we won’t always be able to rearrange the timetable to give you your preference. However, if a situation arises where we have given you a slot that you are simply unable to use, please email









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