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02 September 2015 16:12

Raise, Give and Nominate!


So let’s talk about a little thing called charity! It has been quite the exciting week for student fundraising! Here’s why:11048266_10153190525208412_8811574457980797519_o

First off, last week I had the pleasure of joining our Raise and Give committee at the National RAG Conference which this year was held in Leeds. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to meet other members of RAG Committees and meet representatives from the charities they work with. From seminars to networking and a whole afternoon dedicated to a Charity Fair, it was a brilliant learning experience. On the final day there was also an AGM in which the new committee for NaSFA (National Student Fundraising Association) was elected, and bids were put forward for next years’ host. Hertfordshire came out on top and will be the conference host for next year: http://ragconference.com/updates/
For me the conference was a great opportunity to learn more about student fundraising, to get to know other Sabbatical Officers and be inspired by the philosophies and attitudes of the attendees. I will be posting my video blog (vlog) of the experience very soon so stay tuned on my Facebook and Twitter! (Details below).

The second reason I wRAG-Total-2014-15ant to boast about is that yesterday the final total for last years’ student fundraising efforts was released! I am very proud to announce that the total doubled that of last years’ at a whopping £213,119.48!! A massive well done and congratulations to every single student involved! These fundraisers include bake sales and coffee mornings to national events such as Jailbreak and overseas expeditions.
No effort goes unnoticed, even at a national level. As pictured on the right, our RAG was one of the top ten in the country to raise the most money for Breast Cancer Now, and were rewarded with this plaque! I heard nothing but good things all week so I look forward to seeing what our students achieve this year!


The final reason is that we are now scouting for our new Charities and Community Officer! This is an exciting opportunity to represent your fellow students’ interests on SUSU committees such as the External Engagement Committee as well as develop projects at Zone level. For example we will be looking at the way we recognise and reward our volunteers this year, so this would be just one case in which you would have a crucial role. This position is also brilliant for transferible skills and to add on to the ol’ CV! So many employers now scout for volunteer experience in this area. In fact two charity representatives at the RAG Conference last week were Southampton graduates, and our student volunteers are always being offered internships and work.
To nominate yourself, visit https://www.susu.org/elections/2015/student-groups-representatives-2015/nominate.html before Friday the 11th of September, and feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have in the mean time! (Contact details below).

See you soon!!

Facebook: Hannah Talbot (VP Engagement Southampton SU)
Twitter: @talbstar

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