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02 September 2015 15:01

We’re Looking for Student Groups Reps

Ever wanted to improve how the Union supports student groups? Ever feel like there’s more we could do to make things better for your club or society? It’s time for this year’s elections for Student Groups Reps!

We’re looking for someone from a student group in each of the following Zones to represent their groups as Student Groups Representatives:

• Creative Industries: Creative Industries Zone Student Groups Rep
• External Engagement: Charities and Community Officer
• Student Communities: Student Communities Zone Student Groups Rep
• Student Life: Student Life Zone Student Groups Rep
• Sustainability: Sustainability Zone Student Groups Rep
• Education: Education Zone Student Groups Rep

Some groups already have reps elected last term: External Engagement: Student Enterprise Officer; Performing Arts: Performing Arts Student Groups Rep; Sports Development: Athletic Union Officer/Sports Participation Officer.

What do they do?
You’ll get to sit on Student Groups Committee, a really important committee that works with student groups to make sure they get the best support possible from the Union. You get to decide things like how we give out over £250,000 each year to student groups, which new student groups we should accept, and more.

You’ll also to get to sit on the Zone Committee for your Zone, deciding the all-important funding applications each term, and making sure student groups are at the heart of everything we do.

What’s in it for me?
Not only do you get to stand up for student groups in your Zone, and help change how the Union supports them, it’s also great experience for you. You’ll get to learn skills like debating, problem-solving and negotiating, and get to know all the student groups in your Zone even better. These positions are normally hotly contested, so make sure you get your application in on time!

How do I apply?
You can apply now here. All you need is 250 words on why you’d think you’d be the best person for the job, and that’s it. Applications close Friday 11th September at 12pm. If you’ve got any questions about what it involves, get in touch with me via

Who can apply?
Any member of a student group is welcome to apply for the Rep for their Zone, and there will then be an election after applications close. Each Group gets one vote (for the Zone they’re in), which the President casts on behalf of the Committee. Presidents will be contacted by email once applications close with instructions on how to vote.


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