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08 September 2015 11:19

Games & Gossip

OK, the title of this blog was a little misleading, but I wanted a nice alliterative title to announce TWO exciting things: A common-room-like space in Bar 2, and drop ins at WSA and The NOC for a chat with a Sabb.


The fab new common space in Bar 2 modelled by my lovely housemate




First and foremost, there’s been a slight change to Bar 2. Y’all said you wanted some more space to socialise in the Union Building that wasn’t tied to a commercial venue, and we’ve answered that call. Bar 2 is now a social space, with a whopping 65 inch screen for watching television and playing games. If you’ve got some time to kill between lectures, want to meet some friends for a quick catch up, or just want a bean bag sofa to curl up on, Bar 2 is now the place for you.  And just in case you wanted more, we’re also putting a games console in The Stags so that you can drink, eat and game in blissful harmony too. If you’re a student group that uses Bar 2, fear not – the logic behind the bean bag sofas was that they can be moved when you need to use the space in the same way it was set up before.





Come and say ‘Hi,’


My second announcement is a less cosmetic, but potentially just as useful addition to your social spaces… it’s me! (hold for applause… No? Anyone? Fine…) This year, I’ll be alternating Fridays between WSA and the NOC so that students on these campuses where we don’t have a specific Union building don’t have to come all the way to Students Union on Highfield to be able speak to somebody about ideas and feedback they have on The Union. Of course, if you want to speak about something in depth, then dropping me an email in advance couldn’t hurt to give me some prep time. Alternatively, if you just have a quick question, concern, query or even some praise to share, just drop in and find me and we can have a chat. The dates I’ll be in each venue are


Winchester – WSA Café 12-1:30pm
Friday 2nd October
Friday 16th October
Friday 30th October
Friday 13th November
Friday 27th November
Friday 11th December

NOC – Common Room 12-1:30pm
Friday 9th October (10am-11:30am)
Friday 23rd October
Friday 6th November
Friday 20th November
Friday 4th December
With that, I’ve run out of interesting things to share! The run up to Freshers is all going well, we’re excited (I am naively calm about the whole thing) and plans for development of the Union continue to go strong. If you have any questions about a specific area, please get in touch with me on


Have you ever wondered what 7,200 Pot Noodles looks like? #freshers

Have you ever wondered what 7,200 Pot Noodles looks like? #freshers


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