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09 September 2015 16:12

What are you entitled to on your course?

Whether you’re a returning student or brand new this year, you should all be aware of some things that you can expect whilst you’re studying at the university.

I’ve been working closely with the university to make sure that all students have access to the same information and systems, no matter what faculty, course or modules you take. From the beginning of this academic year, you can expect to have the following:-

  • Coursework Timetables: every module should provide you with a timetable of when your coursework will be set, when the deadline is and how much of the module grade it is worth. I know that some faculties/courses do this already (which is fantastic!) but previously this hasn’t been enforced despite it being a university policy. This is something that will really help you plan your time and know what to expect from your modules.
  • eSubmission: for this year we have managed to work with the university to ensure that all work that is done on the computer is submitted electronically. This will ensure that additional time and money that was spent on printing is eliminated. Don’t worry though, you won’t be expected to do technical drawings or long mathematical solutions on the computer – it’s just for things already done on the computer ­čÖé
  • Additional Course Costs: this is something we have been working really hard on over the past few months. From this year any and all costs that are compulsory for you to pay to pass your degree (on top of your fees) must be declared on the program and ┬ámodule specification. This should help you pick your optional modules if finances are a concern for you. If it’s not declared on the specification, you shouldn’t have to pay for it!

These are things that you are entitled to on your course, but unfortunately this won’t always happen without a little push from you! Please do make sure you work with your Academic Representatives to help hold the university to account. If any of these things aren’t happening,┬áreport it to your Course Rep so they can bring it up with the university at their meetings.

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