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11 September 2015 10:17

#CapsOff – Response from the University and lobbying letter to MP

I have just received a joint response from both the current and future Vice-Chancellors, Don Nutbeam and Christopher Snowden, outlining their stance on our decision to support the #CapsOff campaign.

Whilst our current Vice-Chancellor, Don Nutbeam, has done much to ensure the introduction of a structured loan for UK Postgraduate Taught students, it is the view of the University that the government should means test from the age of 30, rather than bar everyone over this age. According to the University:

“The primary need is for younger students, although we have argued in the past that postgraduate PG loans are desirable for individuals who are looking to make a change in career direction and want to retrain – this supports flexibility in the workforce in response to developments in the economy.”

The University are keen to support students in the future, but do not believe this is currently the most pressing issue for students:

“If we lose the ear of Ministers with a strong stance over this issue, we may lose the opportunity to influence issues of more importance to students (e.g. improving teaching quality and improving access for students from disadvantaged backgrounds).”

As promised, now we have a response from the university I have drafted a template letter that you can use to lobby your local MP, you can access it here. Feel free to download it and edit it as you wish, it is only a template! If you want to find out who your local MP is and how to contact them, use this website: – all you need is your Post Code.

If you want an update on what #CapsOff is all about, you can go back to my previous blog here for more details.

If you want to get more involved or have any ideas you want to share as part of the campaign, comment below, message me or email me at 🙂

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