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29 September 2015 10:51

Online Submission Postponed

Earlier this month in my blog entitled ‘What are you entitled to on your course?‘ I told you that all students, no matter what subject you’re studying, would be submitting all work completed on the computer online. However, recently I was told that this will not be happening for this academic year.

The University have said that they are still fully intending to move over to eSubmission, but were ‘too ambitious’ when setting their deadline given their other commitments (particularly following the Higher Education Review.) As things stand they are not confident that moving to University-wide eSubmission this coming year would be a smooth process and it would be detrimental to the student experience, rather than beneficial.

The University plan to re-strategise and come up with a better process that will suit the University as a whole. A project will be running over the coming months in order to sort out the logistics of university-wide eSubmission to ensure that when the policy does come in, it will be a process that does not negatively affect students.

Those in Academic Units that do use online submission will continue to do so as there is no restriction or change to what is currently being done. Unfortunately, those who are still handing in things on paper will have to wait a bit longer to get online submission.

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