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01 October 2015 17:54

Academic Rep Nominations – NOW OPEN

If you want the chance to influence the way your course is run and make a big difference to your educational experience during the coming year, nominate yourself to be an Academic Representative here before 12pm on Thursday 15th October (Those in PGT medicine have slightly different elections period, make sure you nominate yourself earlier as your nominations close on 7th October!).

Nominate yourself now!

Nominate yourself now!

There are four types of role up for grabs:

Course Representative

There is at least one in every year of every course and are elected to help resolve any issues the cohort has with any modules. The role is completely flexible around your degree and other commitments. Most weeks there’ll be little bits to do, if that. It just keeping an eye out to spot any big issues that you see bubbling. There are 3 meetings a year to go to and a ~2 hour training session with me (lucky you!)

For more information on the role click here.

Academic President and Academic Vice President

If you’re studying any of the following courses, you can run to be an Academic President or Academic Vice President:

Environmental Science
Optoelectronics Research Centre
Politics & International Relations
Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

If you want to know more about these role click here.

For those of you studying at Winchester School of Art: you will not be able to nominate yourself for any of these positions just yet. We are working on a brand new representation system just for you. Keep an eye out over the coming weeks to find out lots more.

Postgraduate Taught (PGT) Officer

If you’re a Postgraduate Taught student you can also run to be PGT Officer.  The PGT Officer is responsible for representing all students on a postgrad taught degree (nearly all masters students) both in the Students’ Union and at the University. There are over 4000 PGT students, making up 18% of the University population, so it’s a pretty important position.

To find out more about this role, click here.

How to get involved

If you want to nominate yourself for any of these positions, do so here before 12pm on Thursday 15th October. Also, for updates on the role please join the Facebook event. If you have any questions feel free to Facebook message me or ask in the event or email me at

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