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12 October 2015 14:44

What do you care about?

Are you that person always bugging your friends to recycle their rubbish? That person on social media letting your friends know what’s happening in the world? Joined a load of societies who all want to make the world a better place? Become a Campaign Coordinator and make change in your University and Students’ Union!Sustainability leaflet


Be part of an effective student voice on important issues such as the environment, mental health, equality and wellbeing. Whatever you’re interested in there’s something for you, and you’ll be able to get involved in the things you are passionate about. We’re also looking for Communication Coordinators, to keep the 23,000 students at the University of Southampton up to date with what’s going on! Check out the full list of positions up for grabs at the end of this blog…

What’s in it for me?

  • Work on things you care about and make a real difference to students’ lives.
  • Develop skills such as communication, teamwork, debating and negotiation – it looks awesome on your CV!
  • Take part in training and get support in the role from Student Leaders and Sabbatical Officers.
  • Get involved in the planning and delivery of exciting events and activities.
  • Meet people interested in the same things as you – work together to change the world!

If you’re still not sure just get in touch with one of the Student Leaders to find out more, or come and find me for a chat!

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! You can easily fit it around your studies, with only two main meetings a term and a couple of hours of your time each week required. There are opportunities to get involved in the running of some really exciting events, but it’s up to you! You don’t need to be an expert in that particular area, just have a passion to change things for the better.

So how do I run?

It’s pretty simple: just come along to the meeting for that committee (dates and time are below!) and let us know why you’d be great for the role. Think about your experiences, the skills you can bring but most of all show us you’re passionate! It’s not too scary, a short two minute speech will do and we won’t make you stand up at the front…

Ethics and Environment Committee – chaired by Amy Paraskeva, E&E Officer

Wednesday 14th October, 14:00 – SUSU Boardroom (Level 2, Building 42)

  • Ethical Coordinator – coordinates events around ethical living and makes sure a range of ethical products are available in Students’ Union outletsCampaign Committee
  • Waste & Recycling Coordinator – helps to run Waste Wars and run campaigns raising awareness
  • Transport Coordinator – works with the University to help reduce the environmental impact of students travelling
  • Biodiversity & Conservation Coordinator – coordinates action and campaigns to conserve biodiversity on campus
  • BEES officer – champions the Business Ethics & Environment Students project
  • Communications Coordinator – updates social media channels with the committee’s projects and relevant developments

Equality and Diversity Committee – chaired by Caitlin Doyle, E&D Officer

Wednesday 14th October, 15:30 – SUSU Boardroom (Level 2, Building 42)

  • Race and Ethnicity Coordinator – works with relevant groups to celebrate the diversity in our student community
  • Gender Identity Coordinator – promotes awareness of the issues around gender identity and the support available
  • Students with Disabilities Coordinator – makes sure that students with disabilities are able to access the University and Students’ Union’s activities
  • Age Coordinator – works with relevant groups to ensure mature students and students under 18 are considered in the things we do
  • Communications Coordinator – updates social media channels with the committee’s projects and relevant developments

Wellbeing Committee – chaired by Mark Davidge, Wellbeing Officer

Wednesday 4th October, 14:30 – location pending…

  • Financial Health Coordinator – raises awareness of financial health for students
  • Substances Coordinator – ensures students are aware of the issues surrounding alcohol, legal and illegal highs

Employability Officer – elected at the Sustainability Zone Committee

Thursday 29th October, 11:00 – SUSU Boardroom (Level 2, Building 42)

This positions helps the Students’ Union provide opportunities, support, campaigns and events to increase the employability of students, assisting them to recognise and develop the skills they gain whilst at University. You’ll also help to represent students’ views to the Careers Service at the University.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about any of the roles. If you’re interested in one of the positions but can’t make the meeting then let me know and we’ll see what we can do!


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