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20 October 2015 17:29

Do You Think the Library Should Open for 24 hours a day? – Find out about the Referendum

We are holding a referendum so all of our students can vote on whether the library should be open for 24 hours or not.

A referendum is simply when one question goes to a general vote, and it’s a really fantastic way of opening up debate on a massive issue which affects every student here.

There will be an Open Meeting on Wednesday 21st October at 18:00 in the Boardroom (in the sabbatical office on the 2nd floor of the SUSU building), where every student is welcome to come and discuss the next steps in the referendum, including the timescale, logistics and organisation of the referendum.

This will also be an opportunity for campaigning groups to form. As the sabbatical team will be remaining neutral throughout the referendum, we will be calling for students to lead the yes and no campaigns in the referendum. This meeting won’t be a debate on the merits of each side of the argument,  but for each side to form a campaign group.

This will be a really important election for all of our 23,000 + students, so come to the meeting to make sure you support your side and have some fun campaigning!

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