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27 October 2015 10:47

Sabb Blog Takeover 3: Winning The World Cup!

So while any hopes of the UK winning this year’s Rugby World Cup may have been dashed, in the world of Student Enterprise, things took a lot more positive a turn *dot* *dot* *dot*Before I hand over to the Enactus team, I just want to say that I love hearing stories of your success so please please please keep them coming in to the email below!! As always enjoy, read and share!Now over to Imogen Price (fourth year MSC Sustainability) and Rosie Davis (third year Biomedical Science) to tell you more about their adventure:12192764_10208287627895230_155194265_o“For those of you that haven’t heard of Enactus, we are a worldwide not-for-profit organisation that groups students, academics and business leaders who are committed to using entrepreneurial action to transform lives in a sustainable way. We work together with our university to create social enterprises and projects that tackle global needs such as access to clean water or homelessness.Enactus operates in 36 countries, on over 1,750 university campuses and each country sends a national champion to the annual Enactus World Cup.Last week in Johannesburg, South Africa, the Enactus Southampton team had the honour to represent the whole of the UK on the worldwide stage after winning the national competition in April. So what did we get up to?12180873_10208287627975232_989683455_o12192699_10208287627575222_1531049005_oPutting on our World Cup t-shirts on the coach to Heathrow was when it truly hit home; we were on route to the World Cup! Buzzed with excitement and probably caffeine, our journey had begun. After almost 10 months of long hours, sweat, tears and dedication, all our work had come together.But firstly, we had to get through Heathrow… technical issues were always going to occur, yet we learnt something new that day – Nutella, rice cakes and a butter knife can make it through security it will just slow you down a bit!                   (Our presentation team).Once touched down in Jo’burg, we had an important sleep catch up and did some exploring to take in the wonderful South African culture, before a hectic week of observing, presentation practice and engagement with students, business advisors and Enactus alumni from around the world.Of course, it was not just hard core practice. It was a once in a lifetime o12182328_10208287627775227_2000152704_npportunity to be visiting South Africa with some members  going on a day safari, whilst the others went to pet lion cubs – taking our minds off our upcoming presentations.Something we want to improve this year is the interlinking of Enactus universities and the sharing of ideas and policies, so it was wonderful to be joined in South Africa by students from Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield, Queen’s Belfast, St. Andrews and Essex.The first day of competition started with a cultural fayre where each of the 36 countries showcased their national dress, dances, music and so much more. For the UK stall, we provided Union Jack face painting, tea and a photo booth with famous British face masks. We also played some rugby which went down well in South Africa with the Rugby World Cup currently being played. The room was full of colour, music, smiles and dancing with tribal dances and national songs in one corner, henna painting in another! The opening ceremony followed with a parade of nations not too dissimilar to the Olympics!Starting the first day of competition on an empty stomach is not normally advised, but when nerves are high even a complimentary Hilton breakfast couldn’t tempt our presentation team. The first presentation is possibly the hardest, not knowing what to expect and feeling the need to give your best performance as it could be your last. However, after a few technical issues were solved the a12193031_10208287627855229_1766373726_odrenaline took control and the presentation ran smoothly. We were pleased to find out we had moved into the semi-finals but the real work was only just beginning!With only one team from each semi-final progressing to the final, we knew that the final morning was the time to give our best ever presentation. Those watching told us we were confident, effortless and the questions at the end were nailed, getting us into the final four.It was the afternoon by the time the final began. Starting with USA, Morocco and Korea there was a nervous wait for the UK’s presentation. Each team gave a 15 minute presentation followed by 5 minutes of questions from the judges. For the 6 presenters it was a phenomenal experience to present to over 4,000 people and they gave it their all.The two hour wait for the results was a tense time but to hear your country and university called out as the winner was a moment none of us will ever forget…unlike the after party which some of us may have forgotten…!” (Winners are grinners!) A massive well done to Enactus Southampton once again! We’re so proud of their achievement!! It was an incredible presentation and we’re looking forward to seeing what they get up to next, world domination is just the first step of course….!You can find out more about Enactus Southampton here, their Facebook here and their Twitter here for all their latest updates! Be sure to check out Jailbreak next month which is being put together by both RAG and Enactus on Saturday 21st November!In the mean time, keep the stories and achievements coming in and we look forward to hearing from you and your society!

Enjoy the rest of your week!!Hannah TalbotVice-President EngagementEmail: vpengage@susu.orgFacebook: /SotonVPEngagementTwitter: @talbstarSnapchat us: yoursusu

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