Anjit Aulakh


28 October 2015 19:52

Halls Committees Elections and the JCR Restructure

Hi everyone, I bear exciting news for  one and all 😀 Following approvals from the Democracy and Student Communities Zone committee meetings we’ve officially passed the restructure for the JCRs Halls Committees. They will now be called Halls Committees.

The name will be Halls Committee with the intention of each committee to be called by their name i.e. Bencraft Committee, Connaught Committee etc. with the overarching Presidents (plus ones) committee being named Halls Committee Board. We’re also looking into changing the name of the JCR Officer to Halls Officer but that is pending approval at the Union Council.

But the interesting news is that this is what the new structure will looks like:



We’ll be releasing a lot more information about the  how the elections process works and how you can get involved and put yourself forward. So just look out for your halls pages, fb groups and twitter accounts for mor einfo on that 🙂 In the meantime if you have any questions just message your current JCRs about your queries or go to their drop-in session which they will be/have organised for you all to find out more about these positions 🙂


We’re also going to be coming up with a playlist of videos regarding the entirety of the elections process and the restructure so make sure you follow the SUSU youtube channel for the first video which goes out tomorrow and future updates. Here is the link to it:

We are now getting our teeth stuck in to the next stage of the project which includes looking in to support and processes. but in the meantime here’s a timeline for the elections that are coming up fast and for your information the dates are as follows.


Nominations open- 9th November at 12pm

Nominations close- 12th November at 12pm

Candidates training- 13th November at 12pm

Candidates announced- 13th November at 4pm

Voting opens- 16th November at 12pm

Voting closes- 18th November at 4pm

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