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01 November 2015 18:14

Life after the Referendum – what next?

Working with the University

The Union works with the University on hundreds of projects every year on various matters: from welfare to education to events etc. The results of the referendum mean that we can continue to work with the University on the Hartley Library, but with the knowledge that we are definitely doing what the students want us to do. We will continue to work on the welfare concerns that have been outlined in Sam’s (VP Welfare’s) blog earlier and also work to address the other things that were brought up through discussions on this particular referendum.

What else are we doing about space?

Something that we are all very aware of is the lack of space in different areas of our university life: whether that’s full buses, longer queues for a cup of coffee or overcrowded lectures. This is something that we are working on continuously to try and relieve the pressure on facilities and also to contribute to the University’s future recruitment strategy. I am working on opening up more areas on campus so students have more options of where to study (hopefully, relieving pressure on Hartley Library), Ben (Union President) is working on the long term plans and projects with the University on space and facilities.

I am also taking an idea to Union Council on 8th December to facilitate discussion about the impact of the higher number of students this year. This will include anything that affects the student experience, related to space or otherwise. I want to make sure that when I go to my meetings with the relevant members of the University and when I’m sat in meetings that I am feeding back an accurate representation of student view. If you do have anything you’d like to contribute, come along to Union Council or send me an email/message – I’d love to get as much feedback as possible! 🙂

Your suggestions

Throughout the week, there has been loads of really great engagement with the Union about the various things that mean a lot to students. We are really keen to pick up on your ideas and use them to inform our next steps. People have brought up issues like: we need more books, other spaces should be open longer, upgrading computers, cycle lanes and a 24 hour gym, to name but a few. This is all really valuable feedback and we are really pleased that there’s been a lot of discussion about things that matter to you.

If you’ve got any more ideas or want to get involved and champion a change here are some ways to do it: ask a question/submit an idea through You Make Change, come to Union Council to contribute to discussions and have your say (the next Council is 8th December in The Senate Room, B37 at 1800) or even (dare I say it?!) propose your own referendum by taking the proposal to Union Council, getting 250 interested students or taking it to Trustee Board.

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