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06 November 2015 15:56

Funding Round 2 is Now Open


Applications will close on the 29th November, so make sure you submit your funding requests before then, by going to And select ‘Apply for funding’.


Whilst we do give as much support as we possibly can to our Student Groups, we do unfortunately have a limited amount of money – meaning it’s extra important to get your funding application tip top to give you the best shot. We also have some rules about what we simply can’t fund. Some of these are legal obligations as we are a registered charity. We also have some guidelines about funding that help ensure our funding allocations are always fair, consistent, and give the best overall benefit to students.


How To’s and Top Tips

It’s really important that you look at our full list of Funding How To’s and more information about the process here, so you know exactly what we do and don’t fund, but here are a few key funding tips:

-Be as thorough and detailed in your application as you can- don’t assume that the committee have any prior knowledge of your society

– Prove that your funding application would provide benefit to as many students as possible. If you can show that the request backs up some of your Zone’s overall goals, that’s even better!

-Back up your application with evidence and quotes. We want to see you’ve done your research and have presented us with the best value for money deal – if possible provide us with a couple of options

-Learn from previous applications. Remember the committee will be able to see what you’ve previously applied for and whether it was successful- use our previous feedback to improve your applications

Sport and Performing Arts Specific Guidelines

There are also some specific guidelines for areas such as Sport and Performing Arts, these can be found in the draft. It’s important to remember this is a working draft and is being constantly developed, but the Sport and Performing Arts specific guidelines (found in Appendix B and C) may influence funding decisions.


There are lots of ways you can get support and advice for your funding application. For example you can go to your Zone’s Student Groups Rep, or email . Some zones may also have funding drop in sessions, so check your emails for information.

How is Funding Decided?

Zone committees, made up of the student representatives you elected, meet together to go through applications and decide outcomes.  The committee will use the how to’s and guidelines mentioned above to inform their decisions, and will have discussions considering things like how the funding will benefit students; if the application gives them all the information they need to make an informed decision; and if there are any other appropriate alternatives.

Please remember that we do have a limited amount of money, so we can’t guarantee funding and do expect student groups to be able to function independently, but we do our best to allocate funds in the fairest, and most generally beneficial way possible! If you have any questions about the funding allocation procedure, please email

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