Shruti Verma


06 November 2015 17:22

The best year ever!

This year we’ve had the most successful turnout for the elections in Education Zone. We’ve had:-

  • Academic Rep elections across the University
    • We have had the highest Course Rep turnout for a while, filled all but one Academic Vice President and Academic President role and have all Faculty Officer positions filled!
  • The first ever Course Rep elections at our Malaysia Campus
    • Last month we successfully elected reps for all the courses and cohorts studied at USMC. I’m working with the President of USMC Students’ Association to ensure we can working together for a sustainable and efficient system.
  • The most successful Course Rep elections at Winchester School of Art
    • We have now elected 28 Course Reps at WSA – over double the number than last year! This is the start of the review SUSU is doing on representation at Winchester.

Coming up in the next couple of weeks are the first ever PGR Committee elections. Nominations open on 19th November for one week, with voting from 26th November – 1st December and results announced on 1st December. Here’s a quick overview of the roles available:-

  • Training and Development Officer –
    • Communicating with PGRs on the strengths and weaknesses of current training and development opportunities and communicating their ideas and feedback to the Union and the University.
  • Academic Quality Officer –
    • Helping to ensure that PGRs can provide feedback on academic matters and acting as a lead representative on these issues to the doctoral college. Suggesting and supporting policies that could improve PGRs academic lives.
  • Welfare Officer –
    • Assisting the Union and the University on projects to understand and improve the state of PGRs mental health and sources of stress or anxiety. Helping the Advice Centre and Enabling Services to be as accessible as possible to PGRs.
  • Community Engagement Officer –
    • Helping the Union and the University to plan events and services that are suitable for PGRs that are well communicated and based on what they really want. Promoting equal opportunities and the needs of minority groups within the PGR community.

It’s been a great few weeks and you can still get involved if you’re not an elected rep. Let me know if you want to get involved as there are so many projects we’re working on in Education Zone: assessment reform, representing joint honours courses, recorded lecturers and reviewing the Excellence in Teaching Awards/Academic Rep Awards and so much more 🙂

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