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13 November 2015 14:53

Sabb Blog Takeover 4: Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015!!

“So next week is the big one, the week where the whole world will join together and celebrate the awesomeness that is enterprise for Global Entrepreneurship Week.

SUSU has been working hard and collaborating with the University and enterprise societies to put on an action-packed week full of great events suitable for everyone. From learning to become a freelancer to protecting yourself from intellectual property theft, the week will have it all.

Now we know what you might be thinking, entrepreneurial…business…start-ups and that may not be your kind of thing. But don’t let the big E word put you off. Sure there is a bit of a stigma to the word but the week is not just about business. It is about celebrating the fantastic achievements and skills of great people from all over the world.

We actually don’t believe the word ‘entrepreneur’ is completely reflective of the week, and so we have taken the decision to re-brand it. So join us this week for Enterprise For Life. What’s the difference you might ask…well that’s easy. Enterprise breaks business down into a skill-set, it explores and promotes everything necessary to create the future leaders of our world.

This week is something not to be missed. We want every student to gain something from it whether that be a sense of empowerment from one of our awesome speaker events, a chance to engage with some of the best societies on campus or to join in the celebrations of Enactus’ world cup victory at our Enterprise Showcase on the Concourse next Tuesday or even the realisation that being an enterprising individual does not just mean someone with the desire to start their own business. We believe that an enterprising individual is someone with the confidence and initiative to make a great impact in the world.

By being an enterprising individual, you gain skills which make you a more employable person. By hearing the inspiring stories of other enterprising people, you will be more confident in applying for internships and grad schemes, or even to take a different path through life. Confidence is a key asset to everyone.

Keep an eye out for our banner on the Red Brick next week, as well as our calendar of events on the digital screen to find out the details of any of the events going on. If you want any more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on entoffic@susu.org and make sure that you don’t miss out!”

 – Jamie Furlong (Enterprise Officer; final year, French & Spanish)

To find out more about the activities for the next week, check out the Facebook page!

Activities will be happening across Highfield, Avenue and Winchester campus so stay tuned!! It’s looking to be an exciting week with lots of interesting opportunities!

In other news, please make sure you fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire by 5pm this evening for your chance to win £40 of Mayflower Theatre vouchers and if you can spare the time to hand out Community Guides in the Highfield area on Wednesday 17th – any help would be greatly appreciated – then fill out this Doodlepoll and check out the event for updates!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hannah Talbot x
Vice-President Engagement
Email: vpengage@susu.org
Facebook: /SotonVPEngagement
Twitter: @talbstar
Snapchat us: yoursusu

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