Anjit Aulakh


01 December 2015 17:46

PGR Committee Elections

Hi everyone more elections stuff from my end 😀


Today the voting closed for the Postgraduate Research committee elections.


I’d like to congratulate and welcome the following people in to their positions:


  • Giles Howard as Academic Quality Officer
  • Lyndsey Ambler as Welfare Officer
  • Benjamin Yarnall as Community Engagement Officer


I’m sure this committee, with the help of Mike Allwright (PGR Officer) are going to achieve great things over the coming year for postgraduate research students.


Unfortunately, the position of Training and Development Officer is still unfilled. If you would like to put yourself forward for this role, and complete our committee, please contact The role is to communicate with PGRs on the strengths and weaknesses of current training and development opportunities and communicate their ideas and feedback to the Union and the University with an aim to improve the current provision.


As always, if you want to know more about what’s going on with the postgraduate community, join us on Facebook here


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